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"Downton Abbey: A New Era" should have Lady Mary kiss Hugh Dancy

Downton Monastery: The New Erais a film that descends like a shining bottle of rose. Foaming, sweet and easy to get lost. It's no more a movie than a super cut of fascinating conversations in great places.Downton Monastery: A New Eratakes you to a world where everything is perfect. And it's beautiful. Well, in this movie, everything except one is perfect. You see, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) must have been connected to Jack Barber, the dashing director character ofHudancy. She should have thrown Matthew Good's absent race car driver Henry Talbot for the first man in the franchise, which literally reminds his cousin Matthew (Dan Stevens). Is she committing unfaithfulness? of course. Do I blame her? Absolutely not.

Downton Monastery: A New Era,Also known as "Downton MonasteryMovie, Part 2, French Villa Bougaroo" continues when the Crawley clan absorbs the end The roaring moment of Halcyon in the 20s. Branson (Allen Reach) is married to Lucy (Tappens Middleton), Lady Violet (Maggie Smith) is begged to a villa in Southern France, and the film crew wants to make a quiet movie in Downton. Mrs. Mary agrees that the roof of the mansion was leaking and Jack Barber offered a huge amount to his family. Therefore, a movie set will appear in the fictitious Downton Monastery. This reflects how the franchise itself has taken over and changed over the last decade.

While most of the Crawley clan heads to France for sunbathing, Mrs. Mary is stuck dealing with these strange entertainers. The twist is that she really seems to enjoy it. She makes friends with Mr. Barber and helps him save his work twice instead of once. Her idea was to turn her silent film into a talkie, and later she would dubb the lines of actress Manadal Glish (Laura Haddock). Most importantly, she gets intimate with Mr. Barber. The two have a simple and natural relationship and a clear appeal to each other. At some point, yes, she tells Jack Barber that he reminds her of her beloved Matthew.

Downton MonasteryFans are caught in a whirlpool of sadness after Matthew's death at the end of Season 3 before Mrs. Mary entertains many of her seekers. I remember that. (She procured her contraceptives so she could have sex with one of these men during her vacation!) After all, she worked hard for the charismatic race car driver Henry Talbot. became. They eventually got married and had a daughter named Caroline. But Henry is nowhere to be found inDownton Monastery: The New Era. This is because actor Matthew Goode was tied up in shooting Paramount +'soffer. Ironically, Good's absence only provides Mrs. Mary with the opportunity to shine without him. Lady Mary will help make the film and bring it back to life in a way we haven't seen in a while. She also apparently comes back to life in front of Jack Barber.

Lady Mary and Jack Barber at the movies in Downton Abbey: A New Era.
Photo: Universal Pictures / Focus Function

Downton Monastery: New EraMrs. Barber is Mrs. Mary When I politely asked if I could kiss you. She says "no", even though Mr. Barber can say she wants. Lady Mary blamed her silence for her old-fashioned thinking, and she pointed out that she couldn't sincerely succumb to her own desires with the negligence of her vows.

Personally, I disagree with this logic. Lady Mary is the woman who sneaked Mr. Pamuk (Theo James) into her room for a hot, heavy (and deadly) hookup. She is still the same woman who was willing to ruin her life with her sister Edith. She may now be older, smarter, and kind, but Mrs. Maryis aselfish person. And Henry Talbot isnot a great husband. Her great love for life is certain, but marriage is clearly not working.

If Mrs. Mary succumbs to the desire for a single kiss with Mr. Barber, I not only buy it, but also cheer her to divorce Henry for her Jack. increase. Sorry, they make a better team! Moreover, Mrs. Mary's life has always been one of pure fantasies. She always wins and she always gets a hot guy. Are you telling me she can't abandon Matthew Goode for Hugh Dancy? The woman was already sleeping on a television show with Theo James, Dan Stevens,,Tom Karen. Are you going to tell me she can't put another iconic British hot water in her bed?

All I'm saying is that Lady Mary and Hudancy were helping to connect to the Downton Monastery: a new era. Instead, all we got was the couple kissing chaste and what was going on with Dominique Cooper's apparently gay actor and Rob James Collier's orthodox gay Thomas. was. Well,thatwas another kiss we should get ...