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Dramatic video shows immigrants easily hop border wall in Texas, narrowly avoid highway traffic

Shocking footage shows illegal immigrants jumping over the border wall from Mexico and running straight into oncoming traffic on a busy Texas highway — dodging cars traveling at deadly speeds.

Videos posted to Instagram show two groups totaling 13 migrants dropping from the 30-foot border wall, running over Loop 375 state highway in El Paso and straight into America — with no border patrol in sight.

In one video a driver in traffic records migrants walking through an opening in the chain link fence on the north side of the border barrier.

“Look at this. You got a brother tripping,” he yells as one migrant runs, raising a victorious fist in salute as he passes.

“This is our government f—ing money, yes sir,” the shocked driver says, adding: “Another one! Another one! Another one!”

The videos have emerged less than a week after Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) sources revealed to Fox news there were 600,000 migrant “gotaways” — those who have been seen by border patrol or caught on camera but not immediately apprehended — in the 2022 fiscal year.

The same sources reported 73,000 gotaways in November alone – the highest number since records began.

The number of gotaways has dramatically increased from 389,155 in 2021 as the migrant crisis worsens and thousands of migrants besiege the Southern border every day.

Within a month that number is expected to explode further as pandemic-era restriction Title 42 is set to expire, allowing more people fleeing Central and South America the right to claim asylum in the US.

Illegal immigrants walk through what appears to be an opening in a chainlink fence near the border wall in El Paso, Texas.
Instagram/ therealfitfamelpaso

Migrants running across Loop 375, which runs parallel to the US-Mexico border, have been known to the authorities for at least two years. Signs have even been placed to warn drivers of “unexpected pedestrians” on the 60mph freeway, local TV station KFOX reported.

“Pedestrians shouldn’t be running across a highway,” Sgt. Enrique Carrillo with the El Paso Police Department told The Post. 

“At highway speeds, and depending on other variables, such as time of day and traffic conditions…striking a pedestrian who darts out suddenly may be unavoidable and creates hazardous conditions for everyone in that area,” the officer continued.

An illegal immigrant darts through stalled traffic on an El Paso highway.
Instagram/ therealfitfamelpaso

Border crossers have been hit by motorists and killed, including a 12-year-old Mexican girl who died on Nov. 26 as she ran across the highway with her mother, according to El Paso police. The mom and daughter were among a group of immigrants who were sneaking into the country when a truck hit them.

The US Border Patrol “constantly” patrols that area, the agency told The Post, but cartels watch the border too. They wait for Border Patrol shift changes or other opportunities then help immigrants either scale the border barrier or cut through chain link fences.

Multiple immigrants have died running across the border highway in El Paso, Texas.
Instagram/ therealfitfamelpaso

“This is a very dangerous place for migrants to cross,” said US Border Patrol Spokesman Landon Hutchins, adding the cartels determine where and when these illegal immigrants cross into the US.

Once on US soil migrants make their way into local neighborhoods where they prowl the streets, sleep in yards and scare elderly relatives.

Luis Lujan, who lives in Ascarate Park near the border told The Post in November: “It’s real bad because sometimes there’s up to 10, 15 of them running all over.

“[Our neighbors are] afraid — we don’t know if they’re going to break into our houses. We don’t confront them because we don’t know if they have guns. We don’t know if they have knives,” he added.

El Paso has been experiencing a surge in both legal and illegal immigration. Statistics released by city officials show it has released 16,000 vetted asylum seekers into the community who have a right to stay in the US in the last three weeks, and the wave of migrants shows no signs of slowing down.

Between August to October, the city bused nearly 14,000 immigrants out of town and sent them to New York and Chicago. It has since held talks about establishing a new program to help relieve the town.

Cartels help illegal immigrant make it past the 30-foot border wall in El Paso, Texas. The immigrants also have to cross the Rio Grande, which is on the south side of the border wall. The immigrants risk drowning in the river.
Instagram/ therealfitfamelpaso

Meanwhile, the surge comes amid a boiling point inside the agency staffed with protecting the border.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asked Chris Magnus, the head of US Customs and Border Protection, to step down in November, but he declined.

In response, Magnus said: “I am excited about the progress I made and look forward to continuing that work.”