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Drought, Wildfire Danger Knicks Some US July 4 Fireworks

With some major fireworks festivals canceled this year, the scattered skies of cities in the western United States will be dark on July 4th for the third consecutive year. increase. Dry weather and ongoing drought conditions, others say it's due to pandemic-related staffing and supply chain issues.

China produces most of the professional-grade fireworks, which fly into the air and produce colorful and dazzling bursts in various forms. Julie Heckman, Managing Director of the American Pyrotechnics Association, said the shortage wasn't in manufacturing, but was crowded in US ports.

In the western half of the country, cities have stopped exhibiting due to the threat of wildfires. Flagstaff, a city in northern Arizona, will hold its annual Independence Day parade in the city's historic downtown, but a new laser light show will replace standard pyrotechnic displays.

In this spring alone, three major wildfires struck mountain cities, urging hundreds of people to evacuate, closing major highways and destroying some homes.

"The decision was made early because we wanted people to be able to plan with their families," said Sarah Langley, a spokesman for the city of Flagstaff.

Many local governments have banned the use of fireworks in severe droughts, even in the early part of the annual rainy season that caused floods in the southwestern United States. Fireworks are always prohibited in national forests.

The popular fireworks show in northern San Joaquin Valley, which brought tens of thousands of people to Lake Don Pedro, California before the pandemic, is also concerned about drought, including the expected low water levels of the lake. Was canceled because of.

"The safety of our guests and the good management of the land entrusted to us are our top priorities," the Don Pedro Recreation Agency said in a statement. ..

Lompoc on the Central Coast of California and Castle Rock, Colorado have canceled the fireworks display because of concerns about wildfires. Nonetheless, an Independent Sive Fireworks Show with live music by the Colorado Symphony is planned for July 3rd at Civic Center Park in Denver.

In New Mexico, the most devastating wildfire season in modern history is when major cities in the state, including Albuquerque and Santa Fe, hold a fireworks display on July 4 under the supervision of the fire department. Will not stop.

Southgate Mall in Missoula, Montana has canceled its annual Independence Day and fireworks show without explaining why.

In other parts of the United States, a recent fireworks-related explosion killed a man on a small farm, and a related fire destroyed a large cash of fireworks in several towns in North Carolina. Canceled the exhibition.

Minneapolis will not hold a fireworks display over the Mississippi River due to staff shortages and the construction of a nearby park.

Anyone planning to light up consumer fireworks such as bottle rockets, firecrackers, and ground fountains at home can expect to pay more for them. The American Pyrotechnic Association estimates that costs will increase by 35% across the industry.

Fire authorities in some cities are concerned that the cancellation of community displays could increase the use of consumer fireworks by some people.

"We are usually worried about sparks and fire being exposed to homes and dry brushes," said Captain Evangamege, a Phoenix Fire spokesman. "There are so many calls coming in at this time of the year."