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"Drunk" wedding guests ignite the venue and continue to dance

This man set the wedding dance floor on fire.

An apparently tipsy guest of an unnamed bride and groom got a festive sparkler at a barn wedding, andis now near a massive flame in a viral videoCaused. 

In a violent chaotic clip played over 9.1 million times on Twitter, a man named Craig or Greg puts incense sticks in his hands while spectators praise his move. You can see them dancing unplanned with fireworks.

However, when grinding a female party participant in a denim jacket, Carouser accidentally setthe centerpiece of his pampas grass to burn

"Oh, it's a fire! He shouted," It's a fire! "While the man, who looked like the life of the party, kept making noise quietly. 

Dancing guy at a wedding nearly sets the venue on fire in hilarious viral clip.
Twitter / @PointsBetUSA

But people Desperatelyscrambled for water to put out the fire when he started, the cheerful guest decided that his arm would do the trick. 

In each footage of the blunder, a man in a casual suit who can't flap, fearlessly shakes his arm over an open flame and grounds the burning flower. I'll hit you. 

Magically, without igniting, a violent swallowerstomps on the flamesand immediately begins digging a ditch. 

The party animal refuses to stop dancing after he nearly sets himself on fire in attempt to quell the blaze.
Twitter / @PointsBetUSA

However, a seemingly upset woman in a hat Tells him to calm down towards the snapping man, which brings his lively party to a cool stop. 

So far, no one has been identified who turned from an annoyingwedding firefighterto a firefighter. 

However, Internet viewers welcomed him as a seemingly hammered hero. 

After stamping out the fire, the man eagerly continues to bust a move.
Twitter / @PointsBetUSA

I was impressed with my wedding. The watcher tweeted. 

"This week I respectpeople also: #Dancing #drunk #wedding guy, because he drank too much and approached 10:00 News, he's life "We are celebrating," another cyber cheering party wrote in part. 

Others were amazed at the flame retardancy of dope. 

"Awareness level: 0,Intoxication level: 98, Fireproof super power: 100," the male fan joked.