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Duke Assistant sees NBA starter at Kiehl's Pick Trevor Keels: "The possibilities are there"

Knickstraded out from the first roundon the night of the draft, but landed the player with the advantage of the first round pick. There is a possibility. At least that's what Kiehl's believes in Trevor Keels.

One-off guards averaged 11.5 points and 3.4 rebounds in the season with Blue Devils, while previous five-star recruits were one to find his way. It was predicted by the people in the club. First round. That didn't happen, and Knicks ended up picking himwith an overall 42nd pick in the draft.

"I think he's a (NBA) starter," Duke's assistant coach Carawell told the post in a telephone interview on Sunday. "It's difficult for a second round pick, but he's 18 years old. If he stays there and gets a chance to improve, compare to Marcus Smart.

" Within a year. [If he was at school] he would have been a candidate for the lottery and would definitely have guaranteed the first draw. The possibility is there ... I think Knicks stole it. "


Carawell has picked out two areas needed for a 6-foot improvement. Five keels to grow into a solid NBA player. A native of Clinton, Maryland, one of the youngest players in the draft, needs to improve the jump shots around him. Kiehl's recorded 13.5% body fat in the draft combine. This is the fourth highest player among the 76 players.

"These people are 17 or 18 years old when they first enter college. No matter how much you talk to them about nutrition, what you have to eat, they Is still a college student, "Charawell said. "They still stay up late, play video games and hang out with classmates and teammates. He has a figure that you have to see what you eat, you're doing Make sure you're working. But he's still young. When I was 22, I didn't pay attention to them. Eventually, when he learned, he would do it. You can do. "

Immediately, Kiehl's best assets are his competitive fire and court desires. He is one of Duke's most enthusiastic players, and according to Carawell, basketball IQ is very high. It appears on both ends of the floor.

Perhaps the most important character for Kiehl's and Knicks is Tom Cibodow-type player because of his aggressive personality and defensive end cravings. Of course, Tibodo is famous for relying on veterans, so Kiehl's needs to prove himself in order to open up his role. The fastest way to do that is with defensive end.


Carawell's view was drafted by an NBA scout to the post. On a night similar to what the Keels had to improve his body and his jumpers, but the toughness and edges he played appealed to Tibodo.

"I'm in the fox hole, I want him to be by my side," Carawell said. "Because he is a competitor and a winner, Thibs will fall in love with Trevor.

" He is competing, a man. Trevor really, once he learns the NBA game It has the potential to be a good defender. He can really protect the ball. When he is trapped, he does a good job of putting pressure on the ball, and he is from the ball. Not bad either. "