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Edge Discusses Journey To WWE Glory From 'Bad Boy With Mullet' To World Champion

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Edge had one of his most famous entrance themes his song early in hisWWE career.

"You Think You Know Me" will be played to packed arenas and stadiums at live shows, tapings and pay-per-views, allowing fans to instantly know who's coming to the ring. I was.

On Sunday, the WWE Universe gets to know Edge a little better when Edge's "Biography WWE: Legends" episode premieres on his A&E It will be

The 48-year-old's journey to WWE (formerly known as World Wrestling Federation) has been a series of twists and turns.

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in professional wrestling as Christian), when he was about 10 years old, the two met in Ontario, Canada. Growing up in Orangeville, State, we bonded quickly with professional wrestling and dreams of entering a square circle. The two watched their first event together at his Maple Leafs Gardens in Toronto, then Edge watched WrestleMania VI at his Skydome in Toronto.

At that point, I clicked.

Edge gets ready for a spear.

Edge prepares his spear. (WWE)

"It was everything I loved. I loved superheroes, I loved music, I loved sports. When I saw the larger-than-life characters wearing colorful comic book costumes, that was all.

"They had entrance music and they were like Pyro. I liked stuff so this is a kiss concert and they are doing something similar to a hockey game or a football game it's just a sports performance it's what my little kid brain liked I used everything I never grew out of a small child's brain.

Edge's career began by accident.

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About the essay on "Why I Want to Be a Pro Wrestler" Toronto Sun. He wrote an epic story about his dreams and goals, eventually winning a contest and getting the chance to train with professional wrestlers Sweet his Dadishiki and Ron his Hutchinson.

When asked if he thinks about the essay and how it has influenced his career, Edge told Fox News Digital that he thinks about it "almost every day." rice field.

"I know my life is great for me," he said. “The only thing I wanted to do was become a wrestler and be successful. , I think we were able to get it back."

Edge dropkicks Eddie Guerrero.

Edge dropkick, Eddie Guerrero. (WWE)

Bret Hart was also a big influence on Edge's early career. Known in the wrestling world as The Hitman, the Calgary native appeared on the Canadian talk show The Dini Petty Show. Edge happened to be at the taping and was able to get some good advice from Hart. Hart told him to keep his dream alive.

"He was the WWF champion at that point, so it was huge. It was big. I thought he was the best in the world, so I got that encouragement and he was like me." I was also able to understand that I hadn't been given an answer, so I had no answer to the test, and really no answer," he said. "You just have to keep pulling the plug."

Edge said that Hart's advice to him at the time was that he was a young man seeking advice. Said it helped develop some breakup wisdom in guys.

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"I would never, ever, follow Brett's example, like an 18-year-old sitting in the 'Dini Petty Show' crowd, wearing a bad mullet and a biker jacket, he found me And finally, a year, a year and a half, maybe two years later, I'm at his house and I'm in the ring with him. A lot happens because Brett is interested.

Edge took to the independent circuit to train with Hart to hone his skills and athleticism in the ring before making his debut on WWE TV. He signed a training contract in 1997 and made his debut in 1998.

In a universe filled with guys like The Rock, Mankind, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Kane, The Undertaker, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, he emerges as his Edge, a tortured soul. was billed as But why "edge"?

"I actually came up with Edge. I wish Adam Copeland was better, but it wasn't at the time. We had a dark match and Don Callis and I were driving and It was 'Edge 1-0-something' on the Albany radio station and growing up in Toronto Edge 102 was always one of my favorite stations.

Edge gets ready for a ladder match.

Edge ready for ladder match (WWE)

"I was like, 'Hmm, that sounds a bit rock and roll, Edge.' Throw it away,' I thought. At least that's what I was able to relate to a little better. And it hit a dead end.

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Christians, who will be known as The Brood. became. After The Brood broke up, Edge and Christian had his one of the most memorable tag teams in WWE history.

Edge and Christian won the World Tag Team Championship, which he won seven times. The two feuded with The Hardy Boys and The Dudley Boys, creating some of the most iconic matches in professional wrestling history. A ladder match and a table, ladder and chair match were developed. In at least one place, Edge jumped off one ladder and speared Jeff Hardy, who was hanging from his belt buckle a few feet above the ring.

Although he had some success as a tag team and as a singles midcard player, Edge said he didn't get a real chance to pursue the WWE Championship until 2006. did. Bank winner in the company's history and cashed it against John Cena in his Revolution New Years.

Edge, then known as the "R-Rated Superstar", rose to the top of the company. At the height of his career, he became a 7-time World Heavyweight Champion and a 4-time WWE Champion.

Edge embraces the crowd in the ring.

Edge hugs the crowd in the ring. (WWE)

Serious injuries prevent further championships. Edge was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis and feared that one crash or impact could paralyze him or even kill him. He appeared on screen in limited roles from his 2011 to his 2019.

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Until 2020, he was not allowed to perform again. Edge made a stunning comeback at the Royal Rumble. It was the biggest pop of the night.

"I was hoping I could keep it as private as possible, but yes, it's just for shock," he told Fox News Digital.

"Because, like everyone else, I thought it was over," he said of what he thought of his wrestling career at the time. “So I thought there would be a pretty shocked reaction. No. You against all the emotions that really rock your system at that point.I felt like I was struck by lightning in a good way.

Edge later returned as a regular, with Randy Orton, The Miz and A. J. style. He would become the leader of the faction The Judgment Day before turning on and starting feuds with members of that group. The

Edge episode premieres at 8pm. ET on A&E.


WATCH HIS MINI DOCUMENTARY Watch and fans draw their own conclusions about his career and the pursuit of his wrestling dreams.

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