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The editor of "Cannabis In Medicine" warns that THC usage is high and mental illness is increasing.

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Medical cannabis editor Dr. Kenneth Finn shared spectacular information about Tuesday's "Ingraham Angle", warning of the impact of cannabis on the community. Young people say they are much more vulnerable and at risk of developingcannabisor the problem of addiction with psychosis.

KENNETH FINN: It is important for the general public to really understand that the strong definition of THC is summarized in products with THC greater than 10%. I think. It does not currently exist in Colorado. In Colorado, the average smoke bud flower is about 17-20% THC. And you go into these concentrates, then tap, wax, grind, pushing up 85-99, and sometimes claim 100% THC products. Therefore, science is still trying to catch up with the industry as these products are produced and made accessible to our youth without the actual guardrails. And you know, you talked about marijuana and suicide. So marijuana is the most common substance found here in Colorado when teenage suicide is complete. 

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I think it's really a matter ofpublic health and safety. That is, our non-profit on the science and impact of the International Academy and cannabis, as it is not a partisan issue, but a public health and security issue for our public, our general public, and even the medical community. It was a kind of impetus to surprise groups, what I'm talking about regularly is that these products are not only at risk of developing cannabis and addiction problems, especially in our community, but much more vulnerable. I have no idea what it's affecting our youth or mental illness. I don't know the toxicology of the archers of Yuvarde or this latest archer in Illinois. But sometimes they may be negative because mental illness is sometimes a bridge that you can't cross. And while toxicology may be negative at that point, psychosis may last for weeks or even not return to baseline. It is one of the major concerns we have in the medical community. 

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