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Emails indicate that the White House initially planned to appoint a federal judge against abortion on the day the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case.

(CNN)The White House notifies the office of Kentucky Democratic Governor Andy Beshear in late June, the day before the Supreme Court overthrows Roev. Did. Wade-President Joe Byden intended to appoint an anti-abortion republican as a federal judge in Kentucky, according to an email received by CNN on Wednesday through an open record request.

In an email dated June 23, Kathleen Marshall, an aide to the White House working in an office for intergovernmental issues, said Chadmeredith was "nominated tomorrow" by the U.S. District Court in Bescher's office. I wrote in Coulter Minix. Eastern Kentucky district. The subject line of the e-mail said "close hold" and the body of the communication contained a summary of Meredith's resumption.

Minix responded on the same day, partially writing, "Thank you for raising your head."

On June 24, the Supreme Court said Roe v. It rocked the country by overturning Wade and announcing a decision to eliminate federal abortion rights. CNN this week, White House adviser Dana Remus was sentenced on Friday amid growing dissatisfaction among Democrats over the lack of urgency from the Byden White House after Rho's decision. He reported assuring the senior aide that he would not be given.

In a new email from the White House dated June 23, Byden nominates an anti-abortion republican as a lifelong appointed judge the next day, the day Roe's final decision was issued. It is stated that it is planned. The White House further reinforces the idea that Roe did not expect to overthrow that Friday.

The Courier Journal first reportedabout the email between the White House and Bescher's offices.

The White House has not confirmed its intention to choose Meredith, but the nomination is part of a potential deal with Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the highest Republican of the Chamber of Commerce. As explained by those who know this issue.

For Biden, any deal can pave the way for dozens of candidates currently detained in the Senate just months before the midterm elections. As Democrats continued to struggle with polling, White House officials began planning on the possibility of a Republican takeover in the house and potentially a takeover in the Senate.

The deal of judicial candidates is not new, and the reality of the Senate demands that Byden's predecessor, and no Republican member is as interested in federal justice as McConnell.

Meredith transcends his shared home state and is associated with the world of McConnell. He worked for Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Former McConnell staff were considered a rising star in the Republican Party.

Meredith also represented Amaltapar, a judge of the Federal Court of Appeals, who had long been backed by McConnell. McConnell promoted Tapper as a candidate for the Supreme Court during the Trump administration.

In another email, also dated June 29, also obtained by CNN via an open record request, Marshall wrote to the same aide in Beshear's office: I wanted to make it clear that the email I sent was pre-determined and privileged information. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Meredith has not been nominated yet.

CNN previously reportedabout Byden's intention to appoint Meredith as a federal judge. At his recent press conference, Democrat Bescher strongly criticized Byden, saying, "If the president makes that nomination, it's undefendable."

Formerly Kentucky Republican Matt Bevin's Deputy Adviser, Meredith defends state law that requires aborting doctors to first perform ultrasound and explain images on the monitor to patients. Did.

His potential nomination report has received intense criticism not only from Democrats, but also from rights groups in favor of abolition.

"Chad Meredith should not be nominated for a lifetime trial. This is not always acceptable, but especially six Supreme Court judges are basic from millions of people. Following the deprivation of rights, "said in a joint statement on Tuesday, including the organization's group Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America.

White House spokesman Carine Jean-Pierre receives multiple questions at a briefing on reporting Byden's intention to nominate Meredith on Tuesday, and White House does not comment on judicial vacancies. Insisted.

When Biden was more widely asked if he would appoint a judge who did not uphold the right to abortion on the federal bench, Jean-Pierre said it was "fictitious" she couldn't speak. I said it was a scenario.

Jean-Pierre repeated, urged to see if it would be Biden's Lithomas test. Still, whether it's at the judicial level or in the executive department.