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Energy experts warn about the green transition that causes power outages: "It's already happening."

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Energy experts raise concerns that thegreen energy policycould cause more power outages this summer.

"Well, it's heading in that direction, and you'll see an article this summer talking about the impending power outages every dayr. And to prove it. In, we just need to look at the countries around Power the Future founder and CEO Daniel Turner on Wednesday at the "American Newsroom" in the world and here in the United States. States adopted the Green Agenda earlier than usual. " 

Turner said Germany is 20 years ahead of the United States in terms of green energy infrastructure.

"They regularly have power outages and low voltage problems and are dismissing old coal-fired power plants to keep up."

Renewable energy reliance can lead to planned power outages in Michigan this summer

There is a risk of power outages in all parts of the United States .. Summer in the midst of a move to take traditional power offline and convert it to arenewable energy source.

"I think the whole country is very vulnerable because the whole country is facing a huge energy shortage and I don't think there is a really safe place," Turner said earlier this week on Fox News Digital. Told to. .. 

The problem is power outages,this summer, as grid operators struggle to keep up with rising demand,is nationwide. It may spread. Threatens most of the country.

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According to Turner, in states such as California and New Mexico. There is a problem with the horizon of New York City and New England, where there is a power outage problem.

"Last summer, even in my hometown of New York, you are now experiencing voltage drops andparticularly high energy times... Evidence that it is already happening. There are many, "Turner added, which tends to be turned off first in poor areas. 

Former President Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama

Turner points out that former President Barack Obama, one of the biggest supporters of the transition from fossil fuels, installed a 3,000-gallon propane tank in hisMartha's Vineyard Mansion. did.

"He didn't install a wind turbine and built a solar farm in a $ 15 million oceanfront mansion ... because fossil fuels always work," he told host Julie Banderas. Told.

Fox News' Michael Lee contributed to this report.

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