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Furious Keith Olbermann demands the dissolution of the Supreme Court after New York hides Carrie's decision

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Furious Keith Olbermann sought the dissolution of the Supreme Court on Thursday in response to Thursday's ruling overturning New York's restrictiveconcealed carry regulations

On the far left, a former MSNBC host said, "We needed to dissolve the US Supreme Court. The first step was in the state where the" court "is currently forcing guns to ignore this ruling. Because. Amazing. You are a court. Why and how do you think you can enforce your ruling? # IgnoreTheCourt.

Olberman added, "f --- Arito, Thomas, Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Paralegal Connie Barrett," and specifically picked out the only woman who voted to overturn New York law. , Called them "House of Lords". The House of Lords is pretending to be a court.

Olberman's strong rhetoric brought fierce ridicule from conservatives, online critics said he sounded "undisturbed," and asked the lower court to ignore the ruling. The call was an exception.

New York Gun Case: Brayer says firearms rules for the majority of the conservative Supreme Court states

"A little riot Sounds like, Keith, equipped by the sub-stack writer Jim Treacher.

Thursday's Supreme Court made it difficult to obtain a license to carry a hidden pistol New York's regulations are unconstitutionally restricted and it is easier to obtain such a license He ruled 6-3 that it should be. All three liberal judges in the court opposed it.

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    File-A pistol from a collection of illegal guns was reviewed during a gun repurchase event in Brooklyn, NY on May 22, 2021. (AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews, FIle) (AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews, FIle)

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    MSNBC Live-Decision 2010-Photo: Keith Olbermann, é-host countdown-during "Decision 2010" on November 2, 2010 (Photo courtesy of Virginia Sherwood / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal, Getty Images, via Getty Images) ( )

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    File-Judge Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court will give a keynote speech at the dedication ceremony of the new Nathan Deal Justice Center in Georgia, New York. .. Lanta, February 11, 2020. (AP Photo / John Amis, file)

Existing The standard requires the applicant to provide a "reasonable reason" for seeking a license, andNew York officialshave discretion in determining whether a person has indicated. I was able to exercise my right. Sufficient reason why you need to carry a firearm. It wasn't enough to just say that you wanted to protect yourself and your property.

"In this case, the petitioner and the respondent agree that citizens who comply with ordinary law have the same right to publicly carry a pistol for self-defense. He also agreed and is now in line with Heller and McDonald's. Amendments Articles 2 and 14 protect the right of individuals to carry pistols outside their homes for self-defense. " 

Texas Shooting: Keith Olberman accuses conservatives of being in the "business of killing school children"

President Bidenand New York Governor Kathy Hokul D. also denounced the ruling, saying Biden was "extremely disappointed" and Hokuru called it "outrageous." I called it.

"Since 1911, the State of New York has shown to individuals who want to carry hidden weapons in public that they need to carry them for self-defense and demands that they obtain a license. I've done it, "I wrote in a Biden statement. "More than a century later, the US Supreme Court chose to defeat New York's long-established authority to protect its citizens." Well-known for its blasphemous expressions when angry online, the enemy is often referred to as "f --- ing fascists" or "f --- ingidiots." He wasn't the only liberal media figure upset by Thursday's ruling, as CNN's Jeffrey Tubin tore it as it led to no gun control anywhere in the country.

Before turning to politics, Albertman, who became famous as an ESPN sportscaster, recently had other reasons as his ex-girlfriend Katy Tur commented on their relationship in the 2000s. Was featured in the media news. I was at MSNBC. Tur, who is now the host of MSNBC and is promoting her new memoir "Rough Draft," has been criticized in the podcast "The New Abnormal" this week for advancing journalism because of Olberman. Their time together said they "troubled" her. Impact. 

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Tur "very much" "Wise". He also promoted his "beautiful" script in his anti-Republican MSNBC program "Countdown" from 2003 to 2011. Rally.

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