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Prime Minister Erdogan meets with Finnish Swedish leaders before NATO summit in four-way talks

Turkey's President Taip Erdogan attended a series of talks with Swedish and Finnish leaders and NATO prior to the summit in Madrid on Tuesday. increase. Turkish Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Karin said on Sunday.

Finland and Sweden have applied for NATO in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. However, the bid is facing opposition from Turkey. Turkey is angry that Helsinki and Stockholm support the Kurdish militants and the arms embargo on Ankara.

Talking to broadcaster Habertürk, Karin said he and Deputy Foreign Minister Sedatoonal would also attend a meeting with the Swedish and Finnish delegations in Brussels on Monday.

"At the request of the Secretary-General of NATO, at the leader level of Madrid, with the attendance of the President, a four-way summit will be held in Madrid," he said.

Karin said that Prime Minister Erdogan, who attended meetings with Sweden, Finland and NATO on Tuesday, "does not mean that we are one step back from our position."

"Negotiations have progressed to some extent. We cannot take a step back here," he said of future talks.

Karin said Turkey and the Nordic countries have generally agreed on the issue and would be in a better position in Madrid if they could agree at the talks on Monday.