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Eric Trump: They lied, cheated and stole

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Eric Trump expressed his dislike of the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago mansion on "Jesse Watters Primetime" Tuesday. expressed. 

ERIC TRUMP: Absolute Coordinated attack. From the moment they arrived, they followed in their footsteps. They tried to follow him through the White House. They failed on Impeachment 1. They failed on Impeachment 2. Then they subpoenaed every member of our family... hundreds, hundreds, hundreds of subpoenas. They made up dirty papers, they made up FISA warrants. they lied. They cheated and stole. right. And now look at the least popular president in US history, Joe Biden, and guess what? He wants to disqualify the most popular president in US history. The president is the one who literally held a rally outside his home in Mar-a-Lago while in New Jersey. It's how much love and support men have... they know they're losing. They know their policies stink. They lose on all fronts.

Rep. Scott Perry, a Trump supporter, says the FBI seized his cell phone one day after Mar-a-Lago attack


Everyone knows the amazing work Donald Trump has done. So guess what? They are chasing them,attacking him. And it's a fully coordinated attack. It's not just an FBI investigation. That's the attorney general and the state. That's the district attorney and the state. This is US politics and absolutely disgusting. We are a third world country in terms of how we weaponize the great institutions that were supposed to protect us from terrorists, from school shootings and serial killers. Got it? That's what the FBI does — not send entire offices, entire field offices, literally dozens of agents to raid the president's house for political party purposes. 


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