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A former New York City woman was shot dead while pushing a stroller and arrested

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A 20-year-old female ex-boyfriendwas arrested when she was shot on a street in New York City while pushing a three-month-old baby into a stroller. 

22-year-old Isaac Argro was arrested for shooting Asia Johnson, New York Police Department member Keychant L. Seawell said Friday. 

Johnson was shot in the upper east side on Wednesday night. The baby was not injured. 

Investigators were looking for a father called the person of interest. His identity was not disclosed. 

Azsia Johnson was shot killed this week while pushing a baby stroller in New York City. On Friday, Isaac Argro was arrested for the killing, the NYPD said. 

Asian Johnson was shot dead this week Push a stroller in New York City. According to the NYPD, Isaac Argro was arrested for murder on Friday.  (GoFundMe)

Johnson lived in a shelter for domestic violence and was saving money to buy his place. .. She reportedly sent a text message to her relatives that she would meet her child's father on the night he was killed because he was disappointed that he was not in his daughter's life. .. 

"He threatened me with death, my daughter with death, and my other daughter with death," her mother, Lisa DeSoto,previously said. Told Fox News Digital. "We called the precincts many times."

At a post-shooting press conference, Eric spent the first few months in the office advocating ways to prevent gun violence. Mayor Adams accused the killing.  

"On this day, we have problems with gun overgrowth on the street, accessibility to guns, and fear of using these guns for innocent New Yorkers. I've been working on the problem of nothing at all, "Adams said Wednesday. "This is the result."

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