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Former court mediator charged with sending pooped letters to Ohio Republican police

Former court mediator in Ohio arrested for allegedly sending 30 fetish letters to state Republican politicians, including Rep. Jim Jordan I was.

Richard Steinle, who worked for a county court in Ohio, said in early July that he mailed a poop-contaminated letter to all 25 Republican senators, and then later that month. were arrested, officials said.

He was charged in federal court with sending "harmful items as unmailable," in violation of federal laws prohibiting the mailing of hazardous materials, according to court records.

Some letters contained words such as "pig" and "racist," according to court records.

It is not known if the droppings are human or animal.

Last month, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service began investigating offensive mail into the Ohio State Capitol, but investigators said Steinle's allegations of misconduct were based in Washington, DC, Kentucky, California, and Ohio. I believe it dates back to August last year when a letter was sent to the police.

Cuyahoga County Court House
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Ohio senators have received the letter. not. It was intercepted by mailroom workers at the Ohio State Capitol and the Cleveland and Akron Post Offices.

Authorities began surveillance of Steinle's home late last month after receiving information from another court official that Steinle may have been the perpetrator of the poop.

Investigators saw a 77-year-old man wearing gloves posting a letter. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, citing court records, Republican Jim recovered his letter to Jordan and found fecal matter inside, as well as a one-dollar bill and greeting his card. I know it was in.

Return addresses on the letter were the Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals, the FBI's Akron office, and the home of the Court of Appeals officer whose wife refused to represent Steinle in the lawsuit. was, the paper reported.

Ohio Senate Republican spokesperson John Fortney called the episode "outrageous."

"This kind of biohazard attack isn't just limited to the target," Fortney said. "This is something that could affect every employee of the Ohio State Capitol, regardless of political affiliation." He was fired from his arbitration job in Portage County in 2017 after doing so, Plain Dealer reported, citing a lawsuit he filed after he lost his job.

The ex-court mediator was charged in federal court with sending “injurious articles as nonmailable."
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The next hearing is his August 25th.

He could be sentenced to one year in prison and he could be fined $100,000.

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