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Exiled Putin enemy who sold house to Ivanka Trump mysteriously found dead in DC

A prominent businessman who lived in exile in the United States after criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin was found dead outside his apartment in an upscale Washington, DC neighborhood. They were found, police said.

Dan, 52, her Rappoport was found lying on the sidewalk outside her 2400 apartment building on Main Street in the Georgetown neighborhood just before 9 p.m. . Sunday, police said.

Police said they made a grim discovery after answering a call about a "jumper."

A cause of death has not been released, but police said, "There is no suspicion of foul play at this time."

Rapoport was found dead outside 2400 Main Street apartment building in Washington DC on Sunday night.
Arellano, Juan
Rapoport's dog, Boy, was said to have been located in a nearby park, along with more than $2,600in cash and a suicide note.
The dog and boy were said to have been in a nearby park with more than $2,600 in cash and a suicide note.

News of his death was first reported by Yunya Pugacheva, former editor of The Russian Tatler. was.

Pugacheva claims he last saw Rapoport, an investment banker and former partner of popular Moscow nightclub Soho Rooms, at London's Connaught bar in May, where he described his "usual

Two days before his death, this post depicting Marlon Brando in "Apocalypse Now" appeared on Rapoport's Facebook page.
Arellano, Juan

However, Rapoport's widow, Alena Rapoport, denied her husband's death. self harm.

"There was no suicide note, no suicide, no trip to London, no parting," Alena stressed to the Russian news outlet RBCand that Rapoport's death was investigated by authorities.

Two days before he died, Rapoport posted what would be his last Facebook status update. It was a haunting photo of Marlon Brando playing Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, accompanied by the words: Horror. "

Police recovered several personal items attributed to Rapoport at the crime scene, including more than $2,600 in cash, a broken cell phone and cracked headphones, according to the Daily. Email reported

The news site also said that in the months leading up to his death, Rapoport was embroiled in a feud with a Russian venture capital firm that , he claimed in a message to a friend.

Rapoport was born in Latvia, when the Baltic states were still part of the Soviet Union. In 1980, his family immigrated to the United States after being granted political asylum.

In 1991, Rapoport graduated from the University of Houston and worked as an investment banker after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Moved to Russia to pursue a career.

Alena Rapoport, Dan's widow, right, denied that her husband took his own life.
Dan Rapoport/ East2west News

Rapoport dissident Alexei Navalny, who left Russia in 2012 for supporting returned to the United States with fashion model Irina, who was a young woman.

The Rapoport family settled in a stately multi-million dollar house in the upscale Karolma section of Washington, DC.

In 2016, Rapoport sold the property to Jared and Ivanka Trump.

Rapoport had been divorced by then, but soon thereafter moved to Kiev, Ukraine, where he married his second wife.

A Russian journalist claimed she last saw Rapoport in the company of young women at a London bar in May. This is an undated photo of the businessman.
Dan Rapoport/East2west News

A Russian journalist claimed she last saw Rapoport in the company of young women at a London bar in May. This is an undated photo of the businessman.
88} In 2016, Rapoport sold this home he owned in the Kalorama section of DC to Jared and Ivanka Trump.
Ron Sachs – CNP
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Rapoport has emerged as a staunch supporter of Ukraine's independence and criticized Putin's annexation of Crimea.

After the outbreak of war with Russia in February, Alena Rapoport told her RBC that although her husband had evacuated her and her daughter from Kyiv, she said, "My country to help '', he said.

She "was to meet her later in the United States," said her widow.