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What is the deal behind "Which song are you listening to?" TikTok trends

Have you ever wondered what song the person sitting next to you is listening to?

This TikTok trend sheds light on hitting strangers' ears.

"Which song are you listening to?" What is the trend of TikTok?

"Which song are you listening to?" The TikTok trend began in 2021.

TikTok user Shan Rizwanbegins an interview with strangers on the street and asks about their musical tastes.

Liswan has shot most of his videos in New York and continues to interview people on the go.

Lizwan became the leader of the street interview and encouraged other TikTok creators to shoot similar content.

TikTok users have created a parody for Liswan's video.

 Who is Shan Lizwan?

Shan Rizwan is 19 years old and is from East Hanover, New Jersey.

He is a filmmaker and photographer.

Liswan is a sophomore at Boston University, studying economics and marketing.

TikToker Shan Rizwan, started interviewing strangers on the street and asking about their music preferences.

His YouTube followers exceed 150,000 and TikTok followers Is over 1.3 million people.

What other videos does Rizwan make?

Since Lizwan gained fame in 2021, he has created a variety of fast-paced interview question videos.

He also created a series of inferences about people's jobs and rents around Manhattan.

Shan Rizwan is 19 and hails from East Hanover, New Jersey.

Some of Lizwan's YouTube videos are shot by him. It shows what's happening behind the scenes in the meantime.

This allows his audience to see first-hand how difficult it is to navigate the city of New York.

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