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Ezra Miller allegedly called the descendants of Holocaust survivors "Nazis"

Ezra Miller allegedly called a German woman who told the "Fantastic Beasts" star that she was a descendant of the Holocaust survivor "Nazis".

A woman identified solely by her name Nadiatold Varietyat an exposition released Thursday about her alleged encounter with a 29-year-old woman. They / their pronoun — occurred in her Berlin apartment in February.

Nadia met Miller at the Los Angeles Art Opening in January 2020 and insisted on the outlet that the two had consensual sex on the last night of her trip. She claims that they continued long-distance relationships for the next two years, primarily through text messages.

Due to the pandemic and busy schedule, the two were in February 2022 after Nadia invited the actor to stay in her apartment during the annual Berlin International Film Festival. Did not meet each other until.

She said she was "very nice" and "very polite" until Variety Miller started smoking, and she said she couldn't smoke in the house.

Ezra Miller at BBC Radio in a bright yellow jacket
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"It just complemented them," Nadia claimed. "I asked them about 20 times, maybe more. They started insulting me. I'm" transphobic s–t. " I am a "Nazi". That made me very stressed. They went around my house, saw everything, touched everything, and spread tobacco leaves on the floor. I felt unpleasant and got in the way.

She elaborated on this encounter later in her interview. "And this is a word-for-word quote," she said. "They started with" I'm a planet maker. " Tobacco is sacred.

Nadia said Miller continued their "tilade" and declared, "Whenever they want, they can do whatever they want."

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She stands up and Miller respects her House Rule told me, "They looked at me with a really mean and stern look and" sat down "as if they were ordering a dog. At that moment, she said to them that way. Their reaction was, "Yes, I'm talking to you like a dog," she insisted.

"OK, if you talk to me like this, it's time to go," she said. However, Miller allegedly refused and began to accuse Nadia of being a "Nazi" in "transphobia."

"I asked if I remember saying I was a descendant of the Holocaust survivors, why do they say so to me?" She said. "They screamed at me," Yes, but how many of my family died? " Because many of their family died. is. I'm ok, this was like a game of who has the most trauma.

Ezra Miller at the UK Premiere of "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald"
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Nadia says that Miller "somehow physically" He said he believed he could attack, "he said, and felt" unsafe. "

After about 30 minutes of proceedings, she said she had finally persuaded Miller to leave, after she called the police.

Nadia filed a criminal accusation with the German public prosecutor's office in April for her experience confirmed by Variety, and Miller was being investigated for trespassing. However, the prosecutor told the outlet that they had canceled the procedure after the actors left the country.

"It's like a pattern," Nadia said. "They jet-set the abuse."

Ezra Miller at a fashion event in Brooklyn in 2018
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She herself A person who makes a complaint against Miller who said he felt more comfortable to move forward publicly, not just.

Miller personnel didn't immediately respond to Page Six's request for comment, but one source told Variety: The next few months.

Earlier this month, the "Benefits of being a Wallflower" star allegedly housed a young mother and three small children in a Vermont home allegedly littered with firearms, ammunition, and marijuana. It was blamed.

Miller was also accused ofby two parents allegedly grooming his 18-year-old son with "cult-like" and "psychologically manipulating" behaviors. However, the teen in question used social media to protect the actor.

"Over the years mentioned above, my comrade Ezra Miller only provided loving support and irreplaceable protection throughout this period of loss," wrote Teen. ..

I was arrested multiple timesin Hawaii in March and April.