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"I felt completely dangerous," said a victim of Ezra Miller's "abuse."

The alleged victim of "abuse" by actor Ezra Miller breaks silence in encountering a troubled actor. In the detailed variety Exposéof

, a woman who was allegedly suffocated by Ezra Miller at a bar in Iceland in 2020 led to the viral video. I remembered. 11}

Three sources claim anonymous victims that she began a conversation with a "flash" star (using her pronoun) after she noticed a wound on her leg. I support you. The woman said Miller, who was wearing her flip-flops, told her she was injured in her fight. When she left, she insisted on the woman, but she turned around and joked. "But as you know, I was able to take you to the fight."

Miller reportedly replied, "You really want to fight." .. And the woman told them to meet her in her smoking area in two minutes. Miller eventually met a woman outside the bar — her joke is said to have become physical.

"I think it's just fun and a game, but it wasn't," the woman said.

"Suddenly [they] are on me, choking me and still yelling at my face if I want to fight. My friend shooting is obviously Seeing that I wasn't joking, it's really serious, so I stopped shooting and I'm still trying to fight me, so I'm pushing me away, "she recalled. "Two of my friends are actually holding down [Mirror] and yelling [they]." This is what you wanted. This is your desire. "

Ezra Miller allegedly chokes woman
Ezra Miller allegedly chokes woman

Variety also spoke with Miller's ex-friend Nadia. After they refused to go out to smoke.

Nadia said she invited Mira to her apartment in Berlin, Germany in February 2022. Nadia said she was "very nice and very polite" until Miller started smoking, and she said she needed to go out.

"It made them stand out," she claimed. "I asked them about 20 times, maybe more. They started insulting me. I'm" transphobic s–t. " I am a "Nazi".

"It was very stressful," Nadia recalled and said she had informed Miller. Descendants of Holocaust survivors. "They walked around my house, saw everything, touched everything, and spread tobacco leaves on the floor. It was disgusting and very disturbing."

Ezra Miller mugshot
Hawaii Police / BACKG

About 30 minutes later, Miller finally said she had left, called the police. She didn't expect the actor to sexually assault her that night, but she believed they "somehow could physically attack me."

"I felt completely dangerous," she said.

According to Variety, in April Nadia filed a criminal complaint in the case. Investigators were investigating allegations of trespassing on Miller, but the German public prosecutor's office said Miller had left the country and stopped the investigation.

Posts seek comments from Miller representatives.

In March, Miller was arrested in a Hawaiian bar for chaotic behavior and harassment within four weeks of being arrested in Alohafor a second assault.

Miller has since been accused of grooming many young people, including Gibson Iron Eyes, who allegedly renamed her and used pronouns. It has been.

She spoke to her post earlier this month, and Gibson's mother, Sara Jumping Eagle, said Miller had "brainwashed" her child.

"He doesn't let the doors or other girls bathe or make up," Jumping Eagle claimed by calling her child by birth name.

"They have to ask for his permission. It's an R. Kelly type situation and it's very scary," she added.

In addition, Massachusetts mothers and non-binary children were also ordered to protect the stars after the family claimed that the actors threatened them

Earlier this month, Rollingstone also released another reportclaiming that Miller was accommodating mothers and young childrenon a farm in Vermont. The child's father is reportedly worried about their safety, but the mother claims that Miller keeps them safe because her father is abusive.

"It's like a pattern," Nadia told Variety about her global claim to Miller. "They caused abuse."

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