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An 11-year-old family who died in the Iowa water ride accident filed an illegal death lawsuit

(CNN)Obtained by CNN, the family of an 11-year-old boy who diedafter riding the Iowa Amusement Park last year. According to a copy of the petition,filed a wrongful death litigation on Thursday, stating that the park was unable to maintain a safe water ride.

Michael Jaramillo is riding the Raging River in Adventureland, Altoona, Iowa, and on July 3, 2021, his family celebrated his brother David's 16th birthday. I was celebrating. The squid turned over and locked the Jaramiro family under it. According to the proceedings, Michael and David were trapped in the water for more than five minutes.

Michael died in a hospital the next day in a "freshwater drowning", court documents said.

In the 55-page proceedings, lasing with patrons, despite experiencing poor training, raft maintenance issues, and the serious problem of hitting the bottom of a raft vehicle. He insists on Adventureland's decision to "manipulate the rides on the river." The air bladder in the raft contracted and the mechanical equipment broke down. ”Michael died on the day of the accident. The proceedings allege that some squids, including Jaramiro's boats, were temporarily pulled for repair that day and returned to distribution without proper testing.

According to the proceedings, Adventureland was sold in December 2021. The proceedings do not appoint four men who were officers or managers of the park at the time, or their former parent company, Adventure Lands Of America, Inc., a new owner.

In a statement, a lawyer from Adventureland's former parent company Guy Cook said the proceedings were specifically addressed in court filing, and the accident "has a lot of very rare factors. This is the result. " ""

"For about 40 years, each ride in Adventureland Park has undergone detailed annual safety inspections by Iowa and rigorous daily inspections by park maintenance and ride operators. Includes Raging River Ride. Safety is always a top priority for Adventureland. "

Plaintiffs' lawyer Fred L. Doll said in a statement obtained by CNN that the case was "an avoidable tragedy that destroyed the family."

"The Jaramiro family is, first and foremost, accountable for the overwhelming loss at Adventureland, responsible for damages and recognition of the loss, and the safety of patrons, not financial gains. We want you to recognize that as a top priority. Operate all amusement parks, including Adventureland. "

In a statement, Jaramiro not only lost one child, but the other is now suffering serious and long-term damage. The

accident occurred on the first day the park was reopened since it was closed in 2020 due to a pandemic. According to aFacebook postfrom the park, the day before we started welcoming visitors again, the Raging River vehicle passed state inspections and was found to be "normally functioning."

Court documents were submitted to the Pork County District Court on Thursday.