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Father arrested for allegedly leaving five children in a car without air conditioning

A Fort Worth father left his five children with the engine running in a parked car without air conditioning was arrested as On Sunday,CBS Dallas reports

The officer said he found 29-year-old Jose Lille at 8pm. He is in the yard of his house and in a car near his five children aged 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 years old. 

Some were asleep or passed out when police dragged them out of the vehicle. They immediately put them in an air-conditioned police car. 

Sunday's high was 99 degrees for him. Police did not say how long the children were left in the car. 

Fort Worth ambulance service, his MedStar doctor says children are suffering from heatstroke and need to go to hospital I decided. Their condition was unknown. 

First responders said the consequences of leaving a child in a hot car were devastating, even fatal. With temperatures like those currently found in , that car interior can reach 140-150 degrees in just a few minutes, which means that a child inside the car will have a body temperature of 104,105 degrees and the child's vital organs the brain, heart, and kidneys cannot function at that level of temperature," said MedStar's Matt Zavadsky.

Since May 1, the MedStar crew has treated 14 of her patients who were found inside a hot vehicle inside a Tarrant County service area. All he was six years old or younger.

"There are children left behind in shopping mall parking lots," he says, Mr. Zavadsky. "There was a child who got into an unlocked car and their parents didn't know it."

MedStar data shows a significant increase in these incidents this year.

"I have often wondered why such an increase occurred, and I suspect that many people who are not used to this kind of weather have moved here. "Maybe it wasn't so hot where they came from," he said. } Leal faced five counts of abandonment/child endangerment/bodily injury and was sent to prison.  

MedStar Tips for Keeping Children Safe:

•             Reminder to check backseat to create.

•             Put your cell phone, handbag, employee ID, briefcase, and other essentials behind you. Since it's a seat, you have to open the back door to retrieve that item every time you park.

•             Place a large stuffed animal in the child seat. Place the stuffed animal on the front passenger seat when placing the child in the child seat. Provides a visual reminder that your child is in the backseat.

•             Keep car keys and remote control openers out of reach of children.

•             If you see a child alone in a car, get involved. Please call her on 911 immediately. If your child has a fever or feels unwell, remove them from the vehicle as soon as possible.

"These things can happen to anyone, so no matter who you are, how great a parent you are, how great a grandparent or caregiver you are, these things can happen to anyone. It's very important to follow the instructions," Zavadsky said. "By taking these simple steps you will never have to answer that type of call again."

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