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Federal appeals court says House committees can get Trump's tax returns

WASHINGTON — Federal Court of Appeals in Washington Tuesday House Ways and Means Committee Gets Multiple Evidence A victory for House Democrats in a long-running battle to get the record, years after former President Donald Trump's tax returns ruled that he could.

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals A unanimous three-judge panel originally backed House Democrats in April 2019, when they asked Trump for five years of federal income tax returns. president, and some of his business entities.

Citing new requests for 2021 tax information from Rep.{. However, all presidents should follow the same laws as all other citizens when leaving office knowing that they are subject," Sentelle wrote. "This is a feature of the Democratic Republic and not a bug." He said he expected to receive the files "soon."

However, the judgment is likely to be appealed to the full D.C. Circuit Court or Supreme Court.

} The legal battle began in 2019 when Neil demanded Trump's tax records from the Director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Commission "considered and exercised oversight of legislative proposals" relating to federal tax law.

The Treasury Department refused to comply with the request, claiming it was not supported by legitimate legislative purposes. The commission sued the IRS and Treasury Department to force them to hand over tax information.

However, with Biden taking office while the controversy was pending, Neil decided that his five-year income tax return demands from Trump and his business beginning in 2015 would be waived. updated. In July 2021, the Ministry of Finance will hand over the materials according to the latest requirements.

Again, the former president argued that the request was unconstitutional because the Treasury Department was politically motivated and lacked a valid legislative purpose, leading the House of Representatives to 

However, a federal district court in Washington granted requests from the Treasury and Ways and Means Committees to dismiss Trump's claims, It determined that lawmakers' 2021 request served its legislative purpose and did not violate the Constitution. The DC Circuit agreed.

"The Chair has identified a legitimate legislative purpose that requires the information to fulfill. It is not our position at this stage to delve further," she said. Sentelle writes. "The mere fact that individual members of Congress may have political as well as legislative motives is irrelevant."

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