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Federal Government: You Must Be vaxxed — But We Don't Have to Be

The Supreme Court says Medicaid and Medicare can continue to require employees of certified healthcare providers to be vaccinated with COVID-19. I made the decision. Getty Images / iStockphoto

Who is watching the watcher? It turns out that no one is concerned about the vaccination status of federal vaccination police officers. 

In January, by a Supreme Court decision of 5-4, the Medicare and Medicaid Service Center provided certified medical care to secure staff, including employees, volunteers and other staff. It was decided that the person and the supplier could continue to be requested. Providing Care — If you want to stay eligible for federal funding, you will be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Initially, the surveyor who oversees compliance with this obligation also needed to be vaccinated, but in a memo on June 16th, the CMS simply gave a pass. "The guidance does not include possible penalties for violations," the federal government wrote, "the facility prohibits inquiries about surveyor vaccination status."

Meaning: Government-owned enforcers are not expected to follow the very rules they enforce. 

COVID 19 vaccine
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This kind of hypocrisy is 2 I feel that there are two rulesets. One for the elite and one for the little guy. Emotions verified by politicians failing to do their jobs during the pandemicpartyed without masks and have given sports and entertainment stars a special vaccine exemption.

If the government wants healthcare providers to get vaxxed to maintain their good grace, the government should have its own vaccine agent led by the example. .. If not, throw away the double standard of mandate and it.