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Felicia Sonmez breaks Twitter's silence and says she and the Washington Post Guild are "fighting" to get her job back

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DismissedWashington Post reporterrampages against her employer and colleagues, breaks Twitter silence, and regains her job. Revealed that they are "fighting" for. .. 

Sonmez continues to attack other post reporters online, even thoughboss Sally Buzbee has issued multiple notes for politeness. After that, he has been silently praying since he was dismissed for disobedience last month. 

"Oh, @PostGuild and I'm fighting to get the job back," Sonmez wrote. "This is an internal process and can be a long slogan, but I'll share the (final) update here. Thanks again to everyone who sent me love and support. It's very much. It makes sense. "

A Washington Post spokesman declined to comment. In the 

drama, Sonmez retweeted her fellowWashington Post reporter Dave Weiger, a joke critic who was considered sexist, and at the same time blew up the paper. It started with. 

"It's great to work in a news agency that allows such retweets," Sonmes responded. 

Weigel was put on a one-month unpaid suspension despite deleting her retweet and apologizing. 

However, Sonmez's tweet storm that beat her colleague continued and began to receive backlash from her at least two colleagues, reporters Jose A. Del Real and Lisa Rein. 

WAPO's Felicia Sonmes torch the "White" collection for "Downplay" workplace dramas on "Synchronized Twitter"

After Busby urged the staff to respect each other, several prominent Post reporters expressed solidarity with the paper, all ridiculed by Sonmes. Was done. 

After six days of constant viral warfare against colleagues and posts,Sonmez is over

She on Twitter The silence was that, among critics who had previously fueled speculation, she may revive a discriminatory proceeding against the post after being previously thrown out of court. 

Felicia Sonmez was fired by the Washington Post following a series of viral attacks towards her colleagues.

Felicia Sonmes fired at The Washington Post Following a series of viral attacks on her colleague. (Getty Images)

The Washington Post announced to its staff a social media policy updated Thursday after the viral turmoil faced by the paper. .. 

"The use of social media by post journalists should not undermine the editorial integrity of the post or the reputation of journalism." A note obtained by Fox News. "The relationship with the post gives you a relationship. It's a large platform and may bring blue checkmarks and additional followers. In addition, I'm to protect its integrity and reputation. This guidance applies to posted or amplified content such as retweets, likes, shares, etc. Digital Platform. ”

Washington Post Shuffles Lorenz to another team, top editors need to confirm their work before publishing: Report

Second guidance is post Journalists should not "activities on social media platforms question rational people about editorial independence, or the ability of posts to fairly cover issues to rational people. I emphasized.

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel was suspended after he retweeted someone else's joke that mocked women

The Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel tells someone Other jokes that ridiculed the stopped woman after retweet(Eric McCann dress via Getty Images)

Notes using social media "It is not appropriate to advocate the problem of cause," he emphasized. Government policy or political or judicial consequences. Guidance also urges journalists to "avoid curating" content that "suggests that they have a partisan view of the issues covered by the post," and states that columnists and critics are exempt. rice field. 

The Washington Post warns employees who do not return to the office that they may face "disciplinary action"

"Before publishing your post, ask yourself if it would undermine the newsroom's mission to prioritize fact-finding on social media." "Ask yourself if it's harmful for a message to be associated with a post. Posts that report news fairly and accurately, especially if the words or images you use contain offensive content in the message. Ask yourself if you're damaging your journalism reputation. If any of these answers are "yes", don't post. "

The fourth guidance, which demanded that post-journalist be" citizen "and" treat people with respect, "was previously published by Buzbee during the bloody Twitter of Sonmez. I reflected the memo. 

The Washington Post issued a lengthy editor’s note the 2018 Amber Heard op-ed at the center of Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife.

The Washington Post is the 2018 Amber Heard is the center of defamation proceedings against Johnny Depp's ex-wife.(ERICBARADAT / AFP via Getty Images)

The post warned employees that "internal discussions cannot be published" or a press plan Communication on editorial issues such as reporting articles and deciding whether to publish.

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Included staff who did not use the relationship with the post for "personal or private interest", which is protection from defamation of journalists. ent has become a "top priority" and "the standard editor and deputy editor of news operations are responsible for working with the leadership of the newsroom to ensure that these guidelines are followed."

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