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Death of American Youth by Fentanyl: "A Significant Threat to Our Society"

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Jim Lau, who spoke in "Lawrence Jones Cross Country" on Saturday night, was the father ofwho lost his sonin 2015 with a pill mixed with fentanyl. Revealed his personal tragedy. loss.

He also has views on how to deal with the currentfentanyl crisisin our country, including his desire to classify fentanyl based on weapons of mass destruction . I shared my opinion. ..

"Fentanyl addiction is ruining the whole of America," Lau said. "It's like a jet airliner is getting off every day."

What is fentanyl? What You Need to Know More About Dangerous Drugs

Rauh is per day in the United States due to this crisis, according to a review by his organization, Families Against Fentanyl. About 250 people have died, he said. The facts that came out of the CDC about the crisis.

Through March 15, 2022, the Montana Highway Patrol seized 12,079 fentanyl pills — more than three times the total for all of 2021. 

Until March 15, 2022, Montana Highway Patrol Was seized 12,079 Fentanyl pills — more than three times the total for 2021. (Fox News)

He said fentanyl is anumber-Americans between the ages of 18 and 45 {44 One of the murderers — but he believes demographics are widespread at both ends of the age group. 

His group believes that these deaths are likely to extend not only to teens, but also to the elderly between the ages of 13 and 50, but from the government. He said it would be difficult to obtain accurate data and information. Institution about this.

Fentanyl's death of California teen confirms the dangers of the social media drug market

He said of fentanyl, "This Is a serious threat to our society. " And it's a really big threat to our national security, "he said, yeah because of the widespread devastation it's causing.

"Teenagers take risks," he said in response to a question about why young people are at such risk. 

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office in California recently made an announcement on Twitter, stating that its office and the Narcotics Task Force recovered 42,000 grams of illicit fentanyl in Oakland and Hayward.

Recently Sheriff of Alameda County in California The office and the Drug Task Force have recovered 42,000 grams of illegal fentanyl in Oakland and Hayward, announced on Twitter. (Alameda County Sheriff's Office)

"They are programmed to take risks as they grow up. One of the risks is their friends. It's about having a party with us. We're doing crazy things. "

He said of Fentanyl in this country," This material is a direct threat to our national security. " I added.

"We not only live with it, but also provide a solution. We can stop this supply."

Rauh also noted the fact thatCongressmansubmitted a bill to the House in this regard. 

"We not only live with it, but also provide a solution. We can stop this supply ... It costs over $ 1 trillion a year. … And this is a weapon of mass destruction that could jump into a real weapon ”

DEA launches“ National Fentanyl Awakening Day ”, emphasizing overdose and drugs Is overtaking the United States

On its website, FamiliesAgainstFentanyl explains: Fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction allows the United States to move from a policy of mass imprisonment to a government-wide approach to breaking the supply chain at the source, effectively influxing this poison into our country. Will stop.

Recently seized counterfeit pills are shown here — made of Fentanyl.

The recently seized counterfeit tablets are shown here. Has been — made of fentanyl. (DEA)

Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel also shared his expertise. 

He said, "Drug cartels get fentanyl from China and India, put it together in Mexico, and send it across the border in the guise of fake tablets." If you take Adderall or Percoset tablets, those medications will contain fentanyl.

Young people are interested in drug experiments — and they become addicted. 

Part of the problem is taking pills from untrusted sources, such as "friends" I met on social media and elsewhere. 

The Biden administration states that solving this serious problem is "about education, but we have to do more."

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He is also interested in young people experimenting with drugs said. Addiction. 

In addition, Dr. Siegel said that the country needs more mental health professionalsto deal with the crisis that exists in the United States. ..

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