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Ferdinand Marcos Jr. takes command in the Philippines, ignoring father abuse

Manila, Philippines — The son of the exiled dictator, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., praised his father's legacy and became president of the Philippines. He praised the violent past of the Philippines. Thursday after the opposition'sstunning election victorywas separated by whitening the image of his family.

The rise of his power 36 years after the military-backed "People Power" rebellion pushed his father out of power to the world's notoriety was the rise of holidays, monuments and the Constitution of the Philippines. It stands as a reminder of the end of Ferdinand Marcos Sr.'s tyranny, which overturns the politics of Asian democracy.

However, in his inaugural address, Marcos Jr. defended the legacy of his late father. He said he had accomplished many things that had not been done since the country's independence.

A supporter holds up a portrait of the new Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as he is sworn into office as the country's new leader
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"He sometimes gets the support he needs, sometimes I've done it. No. It'll be with his son, "he applauded from his supporters in the crowd. "You can't get an excuse from me."

"My dad built more better roads and produced more rice than all the administrations before him." I did, "said Marcos Jr. He praised the infrastructure project by his predecessor Rodrigo Duterte. Rodrigo Duterte ended his six-year term with a legacy of violence, domination of the mighty, and contempt for those who stood on his way.

The new president called for unity, saying, "We go together more than we oppose each other. He does not touch on human rights atrocities, not in the past about the looting that his father was accused of. He said he would talk about the future.

Ferdinand "BongBong" Marcos Jr., the Philippines' president, center, waves during the swearing-in ceremony at the Old Legislative Building in Manila, the Philippines, on Thursday, June 30, 2022.
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Under his father Junior inauguration ceremony at noon on the stairs of the National Museum in Manila, where activists and survivors protested against Marcos. Thousands of police officers, including rebels, SWAT commando, and sniper soldiers.

Daguemhof, the husband of China's Vice President Wang Kishan and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, has 21 congratulatory guns, a military parade, and an air force jet. He was one of the foreign officials who attended an event featuring Flyby ..

"This is really happening." Detained and severely tortured by rebels during Elder Marcos' reign. Asked 70-year-old activist Bonifacio Iragan. "This is a nightmare for martial law victims like me."

As they marched down the street, protesters "never again martial law" and "refuse Marcos Duterte." I exhibited a placard with the words "I will do it."

Protesters hold placards during a demonstration against Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in Plaza Miranda.
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Such historical baggage and hostility , Is in a position to hunt down Marcos Junior. During the six years of presidency that began during a severe crisis.

The Philippines is one of the worst affected countries in Asia by a two-year coronavirus pandemic, with more than 60,000 deaths and a long recession, the economy since World War II. Poverty and unemployment worsened in the worst recession of the Philippines. And hungry. As the pandemic eased earlier this year, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused global inflation to skyrocket, raising concerns about food shortages.

Last week, Marcos Jr. announced that he would temporarily serve as Secretary of Agriculture after taking office to prepare for food supply emergencies.

He also inherits the decades-old Islamic and Communist rebellions, crimes, disparity inequality, and political divisions that were inflamed by his elections.

Last month, Congress declared his landslide victory and his running mate Sara Duterte, the daughter of the next president, in the Vice Presidential election.

"Pray for me, cheer me up. If the president goes well, the country goes well, so I want to do it well."

Marcos Jr. received more than 31 million votes, and Sara Duterte received more than 32 million votes out of the more than 55 million votes cast in the May 9 election. Not only the questions that arise from their father's reputation. It was the victory of the first majority president in the Philippines in decades.

Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines march at the swearing-in ceremony of the Philippines president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
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President Duterte is left with a brutal anti-drug campaign Thousands of almost poor suspects were killed in an unprecedented scale of killings that the International Criminal Court was investigating as a possible crime against humanity. The investigation was suspended in November, but the ICC's chief prosecutor requested that the investigation be resumed immediately.

Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte have indicted their father and faced a request to cooperate with an international court.

Former Governor, House of Representatives, and Senator Marcos Jr. have refused to admit massive human rights abuses and corruption that show his father's reputation. During the

campaign, he and Sara Duterte avoided controversial issues and focused on vague calls for national unity.

His father, largely fallen into a peaceful democratic rebellion in 1986, went into exile in Hawaii in 1989, estimated to be him, his family, and colleaguesin office. Is between $ 5 billion and $ 10 billion.

A Hawaiian court later found him liable for human rights abuses and filed proceedings against him for torture, imprisonment, extrajudicial killings, and disappearances in the Philippines. Gave a person $ 2 billion.

Imelda Marcos and her children returned to the Philippines in 1991 and were allowed to design an amazing reversal of the political property of. .. Imelda, the head of her family at the age of 92, sat in her inauguration in a traditional light blue Filipino dress, kissed her son and took pictures on stage.

The alliance between Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte. His father was popular despite human rights records, and his powerful name, one of the country's most famous political dynasties, helped him win the presidency. According to Manila-based analyst Richard Heydarian, many Filipinos have been poor and have been fascinated by the post-Marcos administration.

"This allowed Marcos to present themselves as an alternative," Hydarian said. "Unregulated social media conditions have allowed their disinformation networks to rebrand the dark era of martial law, perhaps as the golden age of the Philippines."

Manila Metropolitan Area Along the boulevard, the democratic shrines and monuments built after the collapse of Marcos in 1986 stand out. The anniversary of his expulsion is celebrated each year as a special national holiday, and there is still a presidential committee that has worked for decades to regain Marcos' unfortunate wealth.

Marcos Jr. does not explain how to deal with such harsh reminders of the past.