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First at CNN: Democrats seek help from the Pentagon to protect service members' access to abortion

(CNN)A group of Senate Democrats on the Military Commission, led by Senator Hirono Majie of Hawaii, became Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Steps to ensure that access to abortion by military members who want immediate attention is protectedregardless of the state they are stationed in.

In a new letterfirst provided to CNN, the Secretary of Defense of the Democratic Party told a woman seeking abortion in a state where procedures were severely restricted or no longer legal. We are requesting an overview of plans to give proper vacations to out-of-state trips, guarantee privacy protection, and ensure no retaliation. Their decision.

"You are entrusted with the support of hundreds of thousands of troops, who have lost access to safe abortions and are facing the threat of criminal prosecution in search of these services. Family members and Pentagon citizens. It is up to you to maintain the health and well-being of the military, our soldiers, sailors, aviation personnel, marine personnel, and parents, "the Democratic Senator wrote. I am.

The signers of the letter include Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut's Democratic Senator, Tammy Duckworth, Illinois, Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts, and Jacky Rosen, Nevada.・ Rosen is included. The same is true for Michael Bennett and John Hickenlooper in Colorado.

Specifically, this letter indicates states with major military installations such as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas, where abortion protection is restricted or restricted. ..

"This unacceptable situation violates the position of a trust service member in the military when vowing to protect the Constitution and the country," the Senator wrote. "It further threatens recruitment and retention, as military personnel undoubtedly choose to leave the army rather than risk being assigned to a mission where they and their families are denied basic rights."

The Pentagon issued a memorandum of defense earlier this week, prepared by Defense Secretary Gilbert Cisneros, outlining some of the plans to deal with the aftermath of the Roe v. Wade overthrow. I did. In the memo, the ministry warned of "significant impacts" but said access to health care for "targeted abortions" would not be affected.

Still, Senator said that women stationed in states refusing to have an abortion "move the distance needed to receive abortion-related care from their assigned base to an out-of-state health care provider. He said he wanted a clearer and more implemented policy that would ensure that he was "granted". Given, redesign the vacation policy to "establish an independent advocate or liaison who can secretly assist members in accessing abortion services."

"We have an obligation to ensure that these military personnel have the ability to take care of them and keep their military service accessible to safe assisted reproductive technology wherever they are sent. Yes, please give the utmost consideration to this request as much as possible, "said the letter.