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"Five Days at Memorial" solemnly looks back at the tragic toll of Hurricane Katrina.

(CNN)A poignant reminder of the devastating institutional failures associated with Hurricane Katrina, "Five Days at Memorial" It captures brutal sacrifice and heartbreaking choices. Made under the worst conditions. It is persuasive to look at the facts of these five days and what followedfrom his 45 corpses found at the Memorial Hospital.

Indeed, despite the title "Five Days" (dedicating each of the first installments on a different day), he actually contains eight parts, and streaming It was a metaphor one for how the series deals with time.

However, additional chapters here will inevitably deal with side effects from what happened. Doctors were forced to choose to abandon the patient and horribly euthanize him, but moved on to doctors investigating what happened (by replayed Michael Gaston and Molly Hager), Where responsibility lies and the relevant politics surrounding it.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Based on Sheri Fink's non-fiction book and adapted by Carlton Cuse ("Lost") and John Ridley ("12 Years a Slave", "American Crime") The series revealed that hospital staff were mostly left to their own devices. Rosy predictions turned to helplessness when the embankment broke. And the hopelessness without air conditioning was so thick that you actually sweated. We are grappling with the no-win option of evacuating a hospital with no plans to do so. “We have no choice,” says Susan Mulderick (Cherry Jones), the hospital's Incident Commander.

What are you going to do? The sickest patients were not easily moved, but authorities were reluctant to leave anyone behind. Gradually the meaning of the story of not allowing people to suffer and die alone became clear, and staff reactions ranged from fear to resignation, offering moral and medical tests.

With plenty of real-life news footage of the storm, the producers skillfully convey those moments. For example, when doctors and nurses decide who lives or dies with colored armbands. It's a quintessential real-world demonstration of a sociological experiment, one that makes us realize how ordinary people, in moments of crisis, engage in otherwise unthinkable behavior.

As such, "Five Days" is not just a disaster film stretched into a series format, but rather resonates as a cascading case of "What would you do?" To do. and "How far are you going?" One doctor (Cornelius Smith Jr. in "Scandal") thinks he's talking to investigators later.

In addition to the aforementioned actors, Ensemble Her cast features Vera Farmiga as Dr. Anna Pow. Dr. Anna Pow is a brilliant surgeon whose actions have particularly attracted her post-rescue scrutiny. Robert Pyne, Julie Anne Emery, Adepero Odue, W. Earl Brown, Jeffrey Nordling.

Early on, one engineer foresaw the coming danger of rising water levels and the ability of the hospital to operate, saying, "It's going to take about four feet to bring us out of business." I was.

"His Five Days at the Memorial" is the opposite of a feel-good story. Rather, it shows that the line between principle and ruthless pragmatism, between fighting to save all lives and viewing people as expendable, stretches along that four-foot shaky edge.

"Five Days at Memorial" premieres on Apple TV+ on August 12th. Disclosure: My wife works for a division of Apple.