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5 Tweets That Mask Should Post As soon as possible — for the country

Dynamic Tesla CEO has gained more followers than President Joe Biden () on social media platforms. Predecessor Donald Trump,had 88 million Twitter followers during his tenure. Musk has more than 80 million followers than Vice President Kamala Harris, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is relatively unimpressive at 7.4 million.

Thus, Mask has a larger megaphone than a combination of top TV shows, podcasts, and world leaders, and its tremendous reachcomes with great responsibility. increase.

There are 5 tweets that Mask should post now for greater profit.

No. 1:Warn the general public, especially young people, about the dangers offentanyl-containing drugskilling Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18-45 today is overdose of fentanyl-related drugs. Chinamanufactures fentanyl,Mexican drug cartelspikes street drugs, killing defenseless Americans who are unaware of the drugs they think It is well known that they are. Re-dosing of Adderall, Xanax, Oxycodone, etc. is associated with it.

These deadly drugs aresouth of porosity due to Biden's complete failure of the administrationin implementing common-sense policies to secure borders. It is flowing too much into our country via the border of. The mask should call them all. China, Biden and his terribly incompetent"Border Emperor" Kamala Harris,and other "Open Border" supporters see tens of thousands of Americans in a preventable slaughter It's crushed. sufficient. This is an obvious public health threat and requires immediate attention.

This Saturday, April 23, 2022, evidence photo provided by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office shows seized 92.5 pounds (42 kilograms) of illicit fentanyl displayed in Alameda, Calif.
Alameda County Sheriff's Office via AP

No. 2:In order for any judicial system to work, it must be trusted by the public, and the only way to ensure that trust is for the US Department of Justiceto enforce justice and equality for all. is. When the judicial system is politicized andbegins to prosecute the Republican Party more severely than the Democratic Party, the system collapses, leading to the collapse of the United States.

Therefore, Musk tweeted to Attorney General Merrick Garland and attacked the Arizona Parliament building following the Supreme Court's overthrow of Law on Fridayin favor of an abortion. You need to ask if it is a "rebel". v. Wadeis treated by the Justice Department in the same way as the January 6th "Rebels", allegedly defeating the Capitol.

Last Friday, ArizonaRepublican Senatorsaid, "While legislators are commanding the public, law enforcement agencies revolt. We have issued a press release titled "Preventing". work. "The announcement said:" Attempts by protesters in favor of violent abortion in the Arizona Senate were thwarted on Friday night, thanks to swift action from local and state law enforcement agencies. While Arizona Senators closed the passage of important bills during the session, radical demonstrators headed to the entrance to the Senate building, smashing windows and pushing down doors to force them into the area. When this horrific situation became apparent, Senator Karen Huang called for a break to help Senators, staff, and the general public in attendance evacuate to a safe place. "Familiar sound ..

No. 3:Mask tweeted that women and children victims of rape and incest should not be forced to give birth to babies. is needed. Victims of sexual assaultshould have access to abortion in all 50 states without interference from government or far-right officials. Imagine your 11-year-old kid being raped by a sneaky relative or sneaking up on the street. You want her traumatized daughter to be traumatized, if not suicide, by being forced to give birth to a baby with a Sicco criminal who raped her violently. Do you think Absolutely not. Therefore, Musk should tweet that the state that banned abortion should be exempt from victims of rape and incest. There are no ifs, ands, buts.

Footage shows pro-choice activists slamming the entrance of the Arizona state legislature during a demonstration in Tuscon, Arizona.

No. 4:George Washington's Wise Theimportance of freedom of speech to tweet words."Deprived of free speech can be stupid and silent and lead to sheep-like slaughter." In addition,Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech. Companies must stop censoring companies that disagree.

No. 5:Remind others of Jacqueline Kennedy's wise life advice. The former First Lady, the 35th president, said, "If you put togetherparenting,I don't think it's a big deal to do anything else."

On June 18, seven millionaire fathers told millions of believers, "I love every child very much."

Definitely his best tweet ever.