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The murdered Microsoft executive Florida's ex-wife claims "I want to silence him," the tattoo staff

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Exclusive:Florida tattoo parlor staff said a former Mormon wife ofkilled a Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan said 2015 — After receiving an amazing "strengthening" on her genitals.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, 35, was divorced from Bridegan at the time, but she said she lived under the same roof as her twins in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Commented.

A photo combination of Kirsten and Jared Bridegan with their daughter London and his ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez.

In the photo of Kirsten and the daughter of Jared Bridegun Combination London and his ex-wife Shana Gardner-Fernandez. (Fox News Digital)

"She was talking to us about divorce, and she would have her life if he could just shut up. He told us that it might be better, "I asked us if we knew someone who could silence him," in 2015 at the local Mexican restaurant Flying Iguana. I remembered the dinner employee.

"At that time, I didn't consider it malicious," he added. "If you think about it later, you'll see how you can change it now."


The detective in the case wasa tattoo worker in Jacksonville last Thursday. He asked to refrain from his name in order to protect his work.

Employees said she became friends with Gardner-Fernandez after she came to his store for clitoris earrings, according to the exemption she signed the procedure.

Bridegen, 33, was shot in front of his two-year-old daughter on February 16 at Jacksonville Beach after dropping his twins at his ex-wife's house. .. Since filing for divorce in 2015, he has been involved in an almost constant proceeding with Gardner Fernandez. He later married Kirsten Bridegan and shared Bexley 2 and London 1. 

A photo combination of Shanna Gardner-Fernandez's liability waivers taken at a tattoo parlor in 2015 in the span of three months, showing a dramatic transformation.

Taken at the tattoo parlor in 2015 The combination of Shanna Gardner-Fernandez's disclaimer photos shows a dramatic change in three months. (Fox News )

When he encountered a tire on the road, he tied Bexley to his car seat and was on his way home. did. As the Bridegun descended from his black Volkswagen Atlas, an unknown perpetrator shot him away.

Jared Bridegan was a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church. He married his first wife at theSalt Lake Temple in Utah at a fairy tale wedding in 2010but Gardner Fernandez, from a prominent and wealthy Mormon family, is a church. I stopped going to Utah and then had an affair. A bitter divorce.

A family portrait of Jared and Kirsten Bridegan.  

A portrait of the family of Jared and Kirsten Bridegan.   (Infinite Focus Photography / Madeline Insignares)

Her parents, Sterling and Sherry Gardner, are the paper craft company Stampin Up. Was established. According to IncFact, annual revenue is estimated to exceed $ 100 million. 

The shocking murder remains unresolved, andJacksonville Beach Police Stationhas not publicly nominated the suspect. Fox News Digital first reported that Gardner-Fernandez and her second husband, Mario Fernandez, hired the best criminal defense counsel Henry "Hank" Coxe III.

A Florida man was mysteriously killed in front of his toddler daughter, and now his widow is seeking an answer

FoxNews Digital's Responsibility Exempts Gardner-Fernandez from signing the iPad each time it receives service and providing the desired "enhancement", address, and emergency contact information. This document also includes real-time photos taken on the iPad to verify her identity.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez poses with her husband Mario Fernandez and her twins from her marriage to Jared Bridegan.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez poses with her husband Mario Fernandez Her twins from their marriage to Jared Bridegan. (Facebook)

Under the heading "Explanation of Earrings" on February 24, 2015, Gardner-Fernandez writes "clitoris". .. According to a document reviewed by Fox News Digital, she returned to the store for upper ear piercings and navel piercings. All in a few months.

The reward for a Florida Man mysteriously killed in front of an infant has almost doubled

The worker said he used to live in Utah and had a Mormon roommate, so he and Gardner-Fernandez formed a fast bond. She frequently stops at the parlor just to hang out and often complains aboutthat she will soon become her ex-husband, "trying to rob her of all her money" and often in her mouth. Opened. 

Police are asking for the public's help identifying this Ford F-150 in connection to Jared Bridegan's murder.

Police kill Jared Bridegun Related to this Ford F-150. (Jacksonville Beach Police Station)

According to court documents, her parents provided financial support to the couple before the divorce.

"Vaginal piercing" is a common request, but employees said she was surprised to have taken that step on "first day" when she "looked like a normal mother". ..

In a few weeks, she said she had made dramatic changes.

"She turned from this two-legged girl to this wild woman," he said, noting the exemption photos that explain her changes. "Well, I remember thinking this was a weird woman."

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Sgt. Tonya Tator of the Jacksonville Beach Police Department declined to comment, saying it was still an active investigation. Kristen Bridegan also declined to comment. Coxe did not immediately return a request for comment.

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