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Teen was "seriously injured" by a Florida shark attack

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A teenage girl is expected to lose her leg after being "seriously injured" in ashark attackon Thursday on a beach in Florida. 

According to a Facebook post by her father Shane Bethea, Addison was "scalloping near Grassy Island" in five feet of water. Addison reportedly tried to "poke her eyes and punch", but she wasn't released. The shark was described as being about 9 feet long. 

The girl's brother, Rhett Willingham, reportedly beat the shark until he let go of his teenager. According to Bethea's post, Willingham took her sister to a nearby boat, where he tied a tourniquet to minimize her blood loss. She was then transferred to her Tallahassee Memorial Healthcareby a "severely injured" helicopter. 

Gina Deason, a spokesman for the Taylor County Sheriff's Office, told USA Today that her teens had surgery around 6 pm. That night. 

Capistrano Beach closed after witnessing a shark

A shark warning advisory sign at Capistrano Beach warns beachgoers of possible shark dangers. 

The Capistrano Beach Shark Warning Advisory sign alerts those who go to the beach about the potential shark danger.  (iStock)

Taylor County Sheriff Wayne Padgett on WCTV, teens are expected to lose their feet but survive Said. Deason told Fox News Digital that she wasserious but stable. Deason also told Fox News Digital that her amputation had not yet been confirmed. 

"There is an unrealistic amount of damage to her thighs. Doctors are not sure about the condition of their legs at this point, take it daily and figure out what they need. I want to confirm. It will be done, "Betair posted on Facebook. 

Shark attacks in California were "typical attacks": Experts

Bethea, Addison He said he had been sedated until Friday morning. She continued to communicate with her parents on her phone and was eventually extubated. 

A tiger shark swimming.

Tiger sharks are swimming. (iStock)

This is the second attack in the United States this week. A recent study by California State University Long Beach and the University of Minnesota found that juvenile sharks swim along theSouthern California coastduring busy beach hours. 

In this May 22, 2019, file photo, a couple stands next to a shark warning sign while looking at the ocean at Lecount Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, Mass. 

This May 22, 2019, File photo, couple standing next to a shark warning sign while looking at the ocean at Le Count Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts  (AP Photo / Charles Krupa, file)

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On the other side of the country, Massachusetts researchers warn those who go to the beachthe presence of the great white shark. The warm climate of Cape is consistent with shark migration patterns and will be a "constant presence" in the region from June to autumn, Atlantic White Shark Conservation Scientist Megan Winton told The Associated Press. 

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