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Footage shows 'flash mob' as looters loot Los Angeles 7-Eleven

A "flash mob" of looters caught on camera and looted a 7-Eleven. was Authorities said a large number of cigarettes, snacks and other goods were removed in Los Angeles earlier this week.

A video clip released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows dozens of people crowding a chain store after midnight on Monday, picking up a variety of items. Harbor Gateway section of the city.

Part of the footage even shows a rowdy mob of apparently 7-Eleven employees going behind an empty counter and throwing items at a crowd of people on the other side. shown.

Flash mob in 7/11.
LAPD South Traffic/YouTube
Flash mob inside 7/11.
LAPD South Traffic/YouTube

Snacks, drinks, cigarettes, lottery tickets and other merchandise were all removed from the vandalized store, police said. He also allegedly threw objects at store employees.

After leaving the store, the mob of suspects quickly left the area before officers arrived, police said.

Police said the robbery occurred during a road takeover, with drivers flooding and blocking the intersection with their cars from all directions, creating a "hole" in the middle of the intersection, police said.

Spectators got out of the car and saw the driver begin to "eat donuts," officials said.

"The term 'flash mob' is used to describe large-scale public mobs, usually organized via the Internet or social media, where people disperse after engaging in unusual or seemingly random acts. It was first used to denote a gathering,"the LAPD said in a statement.

"But in the most recent case, 'flash mobs' have turned from delightful spontaneous events into opportunistic crime outbreaks." sought the help of the public to arrest the suspect.