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On Independence Day, try these delicious, low-calorie dessert ideas

Lawrence Jones on why America is great

Fox News host Lawrence Jones concludes with "Cross Country," calling on viewers to celebrate the freedom of the country on this Independence Day, remembering the sacrifices of many men and women over the last 246 years.

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Complete the classic cookout after enjoying thisIndependence Day weekend, a complete array of grilled and freshly baked favorites of . There is only one way. Treated as calories. 

This year, skip creamy ice cream and greasy cakes (as much as you like) and enjoy something lighter, brighter and healthier.

Choosing a low-calorie dessert to serve or enjoy after a large festive dinneralso does not mean a snack purchased at the store. 

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Instead, it's fun to prepare delicious food from scratch.  

Get help from your children.

The 43rd Annual Macy's 4th of July fireworks on July 4, 2019, in New York City.  

The 43rd Macy's Independence Day on July 4th Fireworks, 2019, New York City.   (Photo by Gotham / WireImage)

These three ideas for low calorie treats are delicious and refreshing. 

On July 4th, you can see Thomas Jefferson chatting with fellow citizens


Nothing is more summer than fresh, light and easy-to-make ice lollies.

And you can use your own or desired fruit and garnish.

There's almost nothing better than a delicious and fresh ice pop on a hot summer's day. 

Most of the delicious and fresh popsicles are better than Not on a hot summer day.  (Plateful)

Perfect for summer desserts and fun, kids are enjoying snacks.

Adults also participate in the fun — and thank you for providing something lighter than usual.

The greatPaula Deenmakes sunshine fruit pops with mandarin orange segment, orange juice and lemon juice. 

For the July 4th touch, use a holiday-focused paper plate or other decorative prosperity.

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Fresh Fruitcake 

Made of completely fresh fruit for a new spin of an old classic Try arranging the cake! !!

And feature as many reds, whites and blues as you like.

Fresh mixed fruits are arrayed here. Layer some beautiful fruits and arrange in a cake-like fashion for a sweet summer's treat.

Fresh mixed fruits are lined up here. Layer some beautiful fruits and place them like a cake for a sweet summer treat.

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Red, white, blue Jell-o

Create Jero as usual — but add spices in one dish with the colors of July 4th. 

It will surprise and please everyone.

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