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Former NFL star Demaryius Thomas's family says he had a CTE

Soccer stars reveal concerns about brain health

Former NFL starDemaryius Thomas, who died last December at the age of 33, suffered from CTE, his family said Tuesday.

Researchers at Boston University CTE Centerdiagnosed four ProBowl Wide Receivers with Stage 2 Dementia Pugilistia following a brain study by the Concussion Legacy Foundation. did. The Thomas family published the results of the study.

"As I noticed the CTE and began to get used to the symptoms, I noticed that Demarius was isolated and he saw other changes," Demarius' mother Katina Smith said in a statement. rice field. "It was scary to see him struggling because he was so young. His father and I hope all families learn the risks of playing football. We. Other parents do not want to lose their children like

Stage 2 CTE is "progressive behavior, cognition and mood." It is related to "abnormality". The family says they developed depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and memory problems in the years before Thomas died. Stage 4 is the most severe stage of CTE and is usually associated with dementia.

"Like many people, I found a stage 2 CTE in Demaryius Thomas's brain. The question I keep asking myself is" when will it be enough? " .. When do athletes, parents, and the general public insist on changing the game to stop ignoring the risks of American football and reduce subcontractive hits? "Dr. Ann McKee, Head of Neuropathology for the VA Boston Healthcare System and Director of the BUCTE Center and VA-BU-CLF / UNITE Brainbank, said.

CLF co-founder and CEO Dr. Chris Nowinski arranged the study through Thomas' family.

Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Rams
Denver, Colorado-October 14: Denver Broncos' Demarius Thomas # 88, when Broncos is playing in Los Angeles Catch a touchdown pass at Mile High's Broncos Stadium on October 14, 2018 in Denver, Colorado, Rams. Broncos lost to Rams 23-20. Denver Post via RJ Sangosti / Getty Images

"Why so many ex-players are neuropathy in the football world after a career without a family? I don't know if you're suffering from it. I'm in favor of brain donations, so I'd like to thank Bobby Thomas, Katina Smith, and all my family for trusting Dr. McKee and this team. ". "This is the awakening call to the prominent current and former NFL players that CTE is rampant in, and I hope they need to be involved in the creation of the actual solution. CTE is in their field. It should be the biggest problem outside. "

Thomas is one of the more than 300 former NFL players diagnosed with CTE by McKee and the BUCTE Center research team.

The cause of Thomas' death has not yet been identified. In 2021, Thomas began to experience seizures. McKee told ABC News that he attributed the seizures to serious injuries at the soccer field, such as a car accident and a fall on a stone staircase.

"CTE itself does not cause death. You do not die in CTE. What CTE does is change your behavior and personality," McKee said.

Thomas played for 10 seasons in theDenver Broncos, New York Jets, Houston Texans NFL. He won theSuper Bowlwith Broncos andPeyton Manningfollowing the 2015 season.

Thomas made 724 catches with 9,763 yards and 63 touchdowns.

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