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Former overall No. 1 Mark Appel finally wins MLB call-up at age 30

Nine years after being ranked number one overall in the Astor family, Mark Appel won his first MLB call with the Phillies on Saturday, making his debut. There is likely to be. 30 year old week.

The top pick from the 2013 draft has been ups and downs in several teams and has fought multiple surgeries that threatened his career. He quitaltogether in 2018 when he realized that shoulder surgery was needed. Instead, he temporarily quit baseball, but chose to have surgery in case he changed his mind about playing in the Big League again.

Appel moved from starter to relief in Triple-A and pitched well to a 1.61 ERA song with 28 strikeouts and 24 strikeouts.

This hosted a big show in Philadelphia.

Mark Appel
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Completely overwhelming it was done. I have a lot of ideas to share, but I can't find the words, so I say:

Thank you.

Today I can play my favorite game as a major league baseball player.


— Mark Appel (@ markappel26)June 25, 2022

"You obviously have this dream of joining the Big League, but to me this is like flesh," Appel arrived with the Phillies. I said later. "Everything else was taken care of. This didn't have to happen this year to feel this year was a successful year. It's all meat juice. I'm just soaking it all. That's great. "

Appel really struggled last season (6.06 ERA) as a starter.

When asked about becoming almost the third No. 1 pick without reaching the big league, Appel said: I've been feeling peace in my career for a long time, probably since I left in 2018. Knowing that I could never play again, I made that decision. To tell the truth. There seems to be no guarantee that Phillies wants me back.

"Who knows if I can be healthy? So many things, so I've spent peace with everyone in my career. And If I participated in a major league like today, it's crazy and it's all like meat juice, but if I hadn't done it, I was still pretty happy. "