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Fireworks Safety Tips for July 4th: What You Need to Know

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Between 2006 and 2021, many Americans are looking forward to celebratingIndependence Daywith family and friends. Fireworks injuries increased by 25% in the United States. In a new US Consumer Product Safety Commission report (CPSC) reviewing last year's fireworks injuries. 

"It is imperative that consumers be aware of the risks associated with using fireworks, which can prevent injuries and tragedy. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is with professionals. "Look at the display," said CPSC Chair Alex Hoehn-. Saric in the report press release. 

Spectators watch the 45th annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks display overlooking the Manhattan skyline at Gantry State Plaza in Long Island City on July 4th in the Queens borough of New York City.

The audience is the 45th Macy's Independence Day On July 4th, a fireworks display overlooking the Manhattan skyline will be held at Gantry State Plaza in Long Island City, in the Queens district of New York City. (Alexi Rosenfeld / Getty Images)

"CPSC's Compliance and Field Operations Office is working with other federal agencies to prevent the sale of illegal handheld fireworks. We continue to work closely together. "" 

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Fireworks related in 2021Approximately 11,500 people were injured in the emergency room15,600 treated Injuries in 2020, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many public exhibits were canceled, reportedly reduced from the human emergency room.  

74% of fireworks-related injuries in 2021 occurred in the weeks before and after July 4, last year, with a high rate of emergency outpatient visits in groups aged 20-24. It was the highest. .. 

A young person wearing U.S. flag attire smiles during on deck of the Belle of Louisville, a historic steamboat, during the Fourth of July Fireworks Cruise on July 4, 2021, in Louisville, Kentucky.

A young man wearing the US flag smiles On the deck of the historic steamship Bell of Louisville on an Independence Day fireworks cruise on July 4, 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Jon Cherry / Getty Images)

The most common parts of the body with injured hands and fingers, head, face and ears in 2021 Followed it. Approximately 34% of injuries occurred in the arms, legs, or trunk. 

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celebrating Independence Day with special programming throughout the holiday weekend According to a one-third report, the fireworks-related injuries treated in the emergency department in 2021 were burns, but an estimated 31% of the fireworks selected and tested contained non-compliant components.  

And a national survey at the University of Michigan reminds children ofthat they also need to be aware of the safety of fireworks 

"Fireworks are a favorite summer tradition for many families, but fireworks are unpredictable. It is imperative that parents keep their children away from where they launch fireworks." Said Sara Clark, a recent co-director of the University of Michigan. Michigan Health C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Children's Health National Survey. 

"Our polls show that some parents are more diligent to minimize these risks and ensure a safe environment that protects their children from fireworks injuries. It suggests that it may need to be. " 

More than half of poll parents report that their family or someone in their neighborhood has launched fireworks in the last two years. Did. 

However, polls showed that only one in five children was sitting at least 100 feet away from where the aerial fireworks were being launched.  

"Parents are of different ages at which their children can participate in launching fireworks," Clark said in a press release.  

"But parents make sure their children are of the right age and maturity and the importance of carefully following the associated risks and all safety rules. You need to understand. If your child is not ready to do these things, you are at increased risk of things, burns, eye injuries and other accidents. " 

People gather along Main Street to watch fireworks while celebrating Independence Day on July 04, 2021, in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

People gather along the main street to see fireworks July 2021 in Sweetwater, Tennessee While celebrating Independence Day on the 4th. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

Parents often see sparklers as a safer alternative for their children, but in 2021 sparklers There were 1,100 emergency department-related injuries. According to CPSC report.  

Sparklers can burn above 1,000 degrees Celsius and can cause severe burns if not handled properly, Clark said. .. 

"Children need to hold sparklers at arm lengths away from their eyes, hair and clothes. Much of the fun of sparklers is spinning around sparklers. Or swinging around, which can make it difficult for parents to get enough distance from their children, "says the Mottpole report. 

"Parents may believe that sparklers are a safe way for young children to enjoy summer celebrations, but these are fireworks on hand, one It can reach high enough to burn the metal in the part, "Clark said in a press release. 

OtherFireworks Safety Tips

  • Legal Fireworks Only Buy
  • When launching fireworks, use eye protection.
  • Keep at least 100 feet away from where the fireworks will be launched.
  • Light only one firework at a time.
  • Do not point or throw. Fireworks and sparklers for everyone.
  • Have a bucket of water or a garden hose ready in case of an emergency.
  • Put the sparkler in a bucket of water after use.
  • Make sure your child is wearing shoes around the fireworks.

"Be prepared to use first aid. For mild burns, place a towel soaked in cold water on the area for about 5 minutes. Then cover it with a clean bandage and give it to the child. Give acetaminophen to reduce pain and swelling, "Release said. 

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"In the case of a large burn, or if the burn contains eyes, take the child to the emergency room immediately."