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Freddie Freeman's dismissed agent destroys Doug Gottlieb after a strange contract claim

One of MLB's weirdest stories of the season continues to add twists after it has been added.

FoxSports radio host Doug Gottlieb tweeted allegations of a bomb about why Dodgers star Freddie Freemansuddenly fired CaseyClose, MLB agents claim Gottlieb. It has shut down completely.

"Casey Close never told Freddie Freeman about Braves' final offer, so Freeman fired him," Gottliebwrote in. "He learned in Atlanta this weekend. It's not uncommon for it to happen in MLB, but it happened. I knew Freddie would sign an ATL contract."

I argued in a statement on Wednesday.

"There is no truth to Doug Gottlieb's reckless tweet. I testify it under an oath," Claus said. "We are currently evaluating all legal options for this issue."

Doug Gottlieb
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Excel Sports – Close Agency – has issued its own statement.

"Dag Gottlieb tweeted a completely inaccurate feature of the negotiations with Atlanta Braves on behalf of Freddie Freeman," the statement read. "We immediately evaluate all legal options for dealing with the reckless disclosure of inaccurate information."

Gottlieb at Fox Sports Radio's "Dag Gottlieb Show" I expanded the tweet.

"[Freeman] learned how close Atlanta was on his last offer over the weekend and called Casey Close and said," Didn't you tell me about this offer? You fired? Was done, "he said.

In March, Freeman made a formal offer from Braves due in 2021 before signing a six-year $ 162 million contract with Dodgers. Said that you received only one. Gottlieb claimed that he deliberately led him to sign Dodgers, despite the fact that Close deliberately hid an additional Braves offer from Freeman and preferred to return to Atlanta. .. Freeman signed Los Angeles after Braves moved and exchanged for Matt Olson, the first baseman of Athletics. After that, they signed an eight-year $ 168 million contract extension.

Freeman's firing of the close, strangely, happened shortly after the weekend series in Atlanta. Freeman was his first return after leaving the team. After that, Freeman gave an interesting word to the reporter.

"Last weekend in Atlanta was a very moving time for me and my family," Freeman said on Tuesday. "I've been working on some issues with agents in Excel for many years. My representation remains in flux and I'll update it as needed."

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It's unclear at this point what's accurate, but it's certain. The situation is carefully monitored.