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Frisky orangutan grabs a woman's chest and kisses sloppy at the zoo

A tourist trip to the zoo is really fast and intimate when the orangutan caresses and kisses her the moment it is captured in the video. became.

In late June, a woman was visiting Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand .

In her video you can see her primates grabbing her breasts and kissing her cheeks as she tries to pose for her photo. ..

A woman sits on a zoo swing and a sweet tourist before a cheeky ape appears behind her, steps in front of her and attempts a few kisses on her cheeks. I was preparing for a snap.

When people take pictures and take pictures of interactions, apes grin violently.

The woman laughed (although she was surprised) as the orangutan kept kissing her cheek.

The orangutan got frisky in front of crowd at the Thailand zoo.
Virus Press
The tourist was posing for a photo when the ape tried it's luck.
Viral Press
The intimate moment was captured on video.
Virus Press

Orangutans are closely related to humans doing. According to the Orangutan Project, 97% of DNA is common. In contrast to themonkeys, they are apes. According to

WWF, orangutans are found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra in Southeast Asia. 

They live in tropical forests, prefer river valleys and floodplains on their respective islands, and spend most of their lives on trees.