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Gallup: Record low 25% Americans are confident in the Supreme Court

(CNN)The Supreme Courthas dramatically changed the legal situation in the country this month. Ready to bring. And Americans don't seem to be totally happy with it.

According to a Gallup pollreleased Thursday, only one in four Americans is "quite" or "quite" confident in the High Court. I am. This was a record low, down 11 percentage points from this time last year.
A conservative majority bends its muscles, reducing Democratic court confidence to 13%. A poll was conducted in early June after a draft of theSupreme Court opinionthat strikes the Roe v. Wade case was leaked and published.
But it's not just Democrats. Only 40% to 25% of independents last year are confident in court, and only 39% of Republicans are happy. Aside from the
leaks, and civilian reactions and protests, the so-calledshadow docketand itsVirginia "Genie" conservative wife of Judge Clarence Thomas. Activist Thomas playedin an effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Judges also spared in public speeches and their opinions.
The final few decisions on the term will be announced in the coming days. The remaining cases include theabortion, immigration, climate change regulation, and political separation controversy.