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Gavin Newsom will begin broadcasting to Ron DeSantis as political competition intensifies.

(CNN)GavinNewsomandRonDeSantisare more than just avatars their party Blue and red Americans live for different futures, but also for different realities-two from opposite perspectives who see the exact same set of facts and reach very different conclusions.

They are both governors, new stars, and are speculated to be presidential candidates soon, building a micro-ideological model in the sunny capital.

In always blue California, Newsam, the son of a state appellate judge, has restarted from the beginning as a flashy progressive hero around the promotion of a quieter legislature. Meanwhile, by making Florida red, there is DeSantis, the son of a Nielsen box salesman.

Newsom is currently broadcasting to DeSantis, Florida. What he says regains a sense of collective identity that may allow Democrats to defeat trumpism in the long run.

FoxNews' $ 105,000 new ad forNewsomwas first offered to CNN and aired on July 4th. It's a classic campaign spot, a business investment pitch, and a mashup of one of them. Celebrity-filled California tourism commercials say how good it is and are engulfed in the horrors of recent advances.

"Today is Independence Day. Let's talk about what's happening in the United States," Newsom said in an ad in California. Standing in the sun and saying. Tyres in the background, like the finger picks of "America the Beautiful". "Freedom is being attacked in your state."

These last words flash red on the screen, followed by DeSantis shaking hands with formerPresident Donald Trump. Followed by pictures, another Florida governor bans books as Newsom tickles Florida law, restricting access to voting, speech, and abortion.

"I encourage everyone living in Florida to participate in the fight, or to join us in California, where we still believe in freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of hatred, and love. " Newsam says as the image progresses from an aerial shot of Santa Monica Pier to a rainbow flag waving in the hands of two women with their arms crossed. "Don't let them take away your freedom."

Ads will be paid by Newsom's reelection campaign, which is clearly expected to be easily won by the Governor of California in November. It's not about gathering potential absentee voters who have retired to Sunshine for something.

"He's running for president," Newsom told CNN last week. "I care about people. I don't like being treated less. I don't like being told they're worthless. I don't like being used as a political pawn. This is just It's not about him, but he's a child of the poster. "

" We're just as different, "Newsam said of both the governor and the state," sunlight and darkness. " Like. "

In the course of a 20-minute telephone interview, Newsam called DeSantis a bully, a scam, an authoritarian, a fake conservative, a traitor of Ronald Reagan's legacy, and several times "DeSantos". is.

"Everyone has part of the playbook," Newsom said, comparing DeSantis to other Republicans. "He's writing it."

DeSantis declined the request for an interview, but people around him say he's happy with this fight.

"Gavin Newsom could ignite a pile of cash," said DeSantis campaign spokesman Dave Abrams. "Give popcorn for his desperate attempt to regain the California refugees who fled the hell holes he made in his state to come to Florida."

Two governors The hostility between has been built for months. DeSantis said California was guiding a "forced biomedical device" to a heavily closed Covid-19 approach, calling San Francisco (a city once led by Newsom) a "trash can fire." DeSantis' approach to the pandemic would have killed an additional 40,000 Californians, Newsum said, "not seeking inspiration for that particular governor."

It's also a matter of style. He secretly apologized when Newsom caught a masklessat his birthday partyat a fine dining restaurant in Napa Valley in November 2020. When DeSantis was found maskless in the Super Bowl in February 2021, a few months later, he sniped, "What's the point of being able to drink beer with the mask on?" His campaign put a quote on Koozie and sold it online.

Rising DeSantis

DeSantis' popularity among Republicans soared during the pandemic. DeSantis welcomed the comparison between Florida's laissez-faire approach and California. In California, leaders implemented mask mandates and blockades determined by public health indicators such as case rates.

See how each state handled the House of Mouse. Disney Worldon the outskirts of Orlando reopened in July 2020, just as Florida became the epicenter of the country's deadly Covid-19 summer. Disneyland, Anaheim, California, carefully welcomed visitorsabout 10months laterApril 2021. The big difference in the

approach has become a feed for both governors.

In a recent roundtable discussion with conservative political commentator Dave Rubin, DeSantis recalled a fundraising trip to California in June 2021 (he's more than any other state other than Florida). We received a lot of donations from the residents of Golden State (less than $ 100 of them). He emphasized telling staff that he would not comply with Covid-19's restrictions while in the state, and recalled the incident he said showed how much he resonated there.

"These two men in masks rush towards me," DeSantis said. "I'm like,'Oh God, I'm going here.'" A man came in front of me, took down his mask, looked straight into my eyes, and said, "You are ours. I wish I were the governor. " Republicans in Florida believe that by shouting the match and participating in the actual campaign, there is a debate about the final victory. Florida is a growing state and California's population is declining. Florida has more than 21 million inhabitants and California has about 40 million.

"There are practical products in Florida," said Christian Ziegler, vice chairman of the Florida GOP. "The best way to measure a state's success is economics, job performance, move to or out of state, and Florida has won the battle. They're losing people. People are fleeing California. And Hekba Many of them are in Florida. "

But Texas leaders are overjoyed every time a Silicon Valley company opens a store in Ron DeSantis. Unlike, DeSantis recently urged California's CEO to leave Florida for fear that a progressive wave of engineers would offset the Republicans. The sanctuary he is building. When other Florida Republican leaders publicly suedElon Muskto move Twitter to Sunshine, DeSantis said, "They enjoy our lower taxes, but they What are you really offering? "

Newsome pushes back

For the Governor of California, this is deeper than a personal grudge match or a political angle to push a bill or proceeding away from the right. The recent trends in the US Supreme Court's ruling and the further adoption of "California" as the state flag.

DeSantis is not the only GOP target for Newsom. The Governor of California has joined Trump's social media site purely to troll the former president and his supporters. He repeatedly knocked on Texas Governor Greg Abbott, andtweeted a retorttargeting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Break the legislation.

"Hell, not to mention Pride Month," Newsom wrote. "Hey, Corporate America-Where are your values? Face these hateful states and come to California."

New Sam saysPresident Joe BidenHe claims he hasn't delved into it when he said he was trying to make the party angry and more active. He called thehearing held by the House Select Commissioninvestigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol a "master class," but the Democratic Party passed Trump and trumpism. He said he needed to look at how he was evolving. After spending much of his pandemic watching and reading right-wing media, Newsam said he was increasingly wary of seeing how much was rooted.

"My expression is one of the frustrations I've seen over the years, in many ways ahead of the current climate and the current administration," Newsom said in an interview. .. "The success of the right to define the terms of the debate, the success of the right to dominate the story. They are winning in a way that surprises me."

This ad he promised will be even more in the future. It will be the beginning of things.

"Things have changed and the rules of engagement have to change," Newsom said. "You have to fight them.