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Georgia's adjutant helps mom save her two-year-old twins from a pool accident

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Deputy Greg Countryman Jr. of the Mascogie County Sheriff's Office has been hailed as a recent off-duty hero after saving a two-year-old twin on the verge of drowning.

A 22-year-oldGeorgia police officerwas on his way home after hearing reports that his child had just been pulled out of a residential pool after work on May 16. He reacted immediately, but found two little children unknowingly lying next to the pool.

"When I got there, my mother was giving the girl CPR, and I saw the boy right away, so I started giving him CPR," Country said. Mann is in an interview with the local 11 Alive. "Between us, we were able to bring them back to good condition."

Countryman said that both children were taken to thehospital,, later that day. Said that he visited them. He was happy to see both of them awake and watching TV.

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Muscogee County Sheriff Deputy Greg Countryman Jr. was recognized for saving 2-year-old twins who were unconscious after being pulled out of a pool. (Image courtesy of Muscogee County Sheriff's Office)

Muscogee County Sheriff Deputy Greg Countryman Jr. becomes conscious after being pulled out of the pool It was acknowledged for saving the lost two-year-old twins. (Image courtesy of Muskogee County Sheriff's Office)(Muskogee County Sheriff's Office)

The young lieutenant is less than a year old. So thank you. May help.

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"Honestly, It's a blessing to be able to help And when I was a kid I always wanted to save my life, and being able to save my child's life is very special to me, "Countryman said. Said. "And that means a lot, and I had to thank God for empowering me to do this."

Country Mann has a strong family relationship with the community, and thelaw enforcement agencyis fathered by his boss, Greg Countryman, Senior Sheriff.

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Sheriff Countryman to his son Gives an official award and is a vice of Facebook posts.

"The heroic efforts of Deputy Countryman Jr. made the news for Atlanta, and we couldn't be proud anymore," the sheriff said. "I am very grateful that these two children were saved and that Deputy Countryman Jr. was nearby. His quick thinking and ability to stay calm under pressure should be praised. Thank you. ! "