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German diplomat arrested in Brazil on suspicion of murdering husband

(CNN)Brazilian judge detains German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn in connection with alleged murder of husband in Germany I ordered RIO DE JANEIRO -- Denies claim to defend diplomatic immunity, according to CNN Brazil.

Rio police said on Saturday after Hahn's husband, Walter Hernri Herr Maximilian Herbio, 52, was found dead in an apartment in the Ipanema area. Police said they took Khan first. Video showed Hahn being escorted by Brazilian police outside a police station in Rio on Sunday. Among the factors in his decision to detain the officer, he cited suspicion of attempting to falsify evidence.

According to the ruling obtained by CNN, "the apartment was cleaned before the forensic team conducted an investigation, and this fact alone suggests that the release of the suspect in custody would pose a serious obstacle to police."

The judge's order, describing the crime scene, stated that "the victim's body showed several injuries resulting from blunt force trauma." There are injuries, one of the [injuries] fits a step and the other fits a cylindrical deployment." A musical instrument (probably a wooden club).”

The judge’s ruling also noted that forensics “consistent with the dynamics of a violent death, blood splatters on the property in the couple’s bedroom and bathroom.

Hahn's defense argued to the court that the diplomat was entitled to diplomatic immunity and required a writ of habeas corpus, CNN said. Brazil reports.

A writ of habeas corpus is a legal principle that allows people who believe they have been unlawfully imprisoned or detained to challenge it, and if the challenge is successful, the detainee can may lead to the release of

But the judge held that "an arrest for a willful crime against life committed within the matrimonial apartment (i.e., outside the consular environment) has nothing to do with the consul's duties."

Hahn reportedly told police that Biot contracted a sudden illness and died after falling out of his apartment, according to Reuters. CNN reached out to Hahn's attorneys for comment.

A German Foreign Ministry source also confirmed to CNN that he had "arrested an employee assigned to the Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro."

"The embassy in Brasilia and the consulate general in Rio de Janeiro are in close contact with the Brazilian authorities investigating this incident," a foreign ministry source said, citing the ongoing investigation and Added it for privacy reasons. , could not disclose additional information.