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Germany's Pixie Dust Energy Program and Other Commentary

Liberal: Germany's Pixie Dust Energy Program

The German government is working on "green" energy, but somehow "starts a coal-fired power plant" PreparingRib Reason's J.D. Tuccille. Coal-fired power is intended to reinforce reserve juice when a nuclear power plant shuts down. "Similar to the US gas price problem, the German problem predates the war in Ukraine" and is "closely related" to green energy goals that do not include "a realistic plan to get there". "doing. After Japan's Fukushima accident, Germany closed all nuclear power plants and re-committed to getting electricity from solar and wind. But "the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow." Unfortunately for the Germans, their political leaders said, "Wishes and fairies to bring green utopia." We rely on "powder" to deliver literally lumps of coal instead.

Historian: A colleague ate Biden's delusion

"March 2021 .. .. A group of academic historians .. .. so that the president is considered" historical " Gathered to advise the President on how it would be shaped, "refers to Karl Shram of the American Mind. These liberal thinkers "speaked as if Biden had accomplished his election mission," reminding him of "a program comparable to the New Deal and the Great Society," that is, "too much resistance" to President Biden. Therefore, "By the summer of 2021, pretending to manage COVID can act as a cover for the Keynesian socialist transformation of American society, with huge spending on infrastructure and an" ideological war against fossil fuels. " It was clear. But the state of the country shows that "when history becomes a tool for illusionists, the check of reality is by no means far away."

Foreign Desk: Build on the Abraham Agreement

"This Summer Celebrate the Second Anniversary of the Abraham Agreement" — "The Great Success of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East" — And Israel The next prime minister should now "utilize" them to ease the "Israel-Palestinian conflict", urging Peter Berkowitz of RealClear Politics. The "signatories" of the agreement can "build roads, bridges and tunnels" to connect "non-adjacent parts of the west bank", reducing the need for Israeli checkpoints without compromising Israeli security. can do. They could strengthen the Allenby Bridge, promote economic development on the West Bank, and facilitate Palestinians to ship goods to the Israeli ports of Haifa and Ashdod. "The comprehensive goal is to improve the quality of life of ordinary Palestinians without compromising the security of Israel and without compromising the final status of Jews and Samaritans."

Looking to Washington: Byden's Hostage

"For some families of Americans held hostage" abroad, last week's "Virtual Meeting with Secretary of State Antony Brinken" was " The administration prioritizes the safe return of their loved ones, "reports Al-Monitor's Elizabeth Hagedorn. "Babak Namaj, whose brother Shamac and his father Baker are detained in Iran, appreciate Blinken's high-level involvement, but" at this point, they are result-oriented, not promise-oriented. " Said. "Families are concerned that the fate of their loved ones is implicitly linked to debilitating nuclear negotiations," and they are confused. The family said, "A personal audience with the president was told that they did not need to proceed with their proceedings," but "the final decision lies with the president."

Campus Watch: Prez Revives Kangaroo Court

"Resurrection of the Biden Administration" "Fake Hearing" on Allegations of Sexual Illegal Acts at Obama University,Thundering Joe Corn on Wall Street Street Journal, has a rule that "eliminates or weakens the basic procedural protection of accused students." However, "By proposing to abandon fair procedures, the Ministry of Education has set the university as a collision course with courts." "Proponents say that sexual assault is very widespread on campus. Therefore, by claiming that this drastic action is justified, we try to justify the waiver of core procedural safeguards. "However," civil liberties are a particularly serious offense. Faced with allegations requires constant vigilance. "" By rolling back the rights of students across the country, the Byden administration has abandoned America's core principles .. .. Basic equity. Gender should not be a partisan concern. "

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