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Giancarlo Stanton thinks the Yankees have a chance to be special

Houston — The Yankees have played their first match at Minute Maid Park on Thursday since July 11th last year.

It was a match played by theYankees At the bottom of the ninth, when the Astros scored six runs with an 8-7 comeback victory.

At that time, it was just one of the many catastrophic defeats the Yankees endured in 2021. That was one of the reasons they had to scramble just to get into the postseason, leaving them with just three games over .500.

This year, these types of losses are almost unprecedented, and travel to the postseason, and the title of AL East will almost certainly look.

And that's one of the reasons Giancarlo Stanton believes this team has a special chance.

"We continue to talk about finding different ways to win," said Stanton on Thursday in the 22-year-old Yankees in the MLB Best 56-20, which coincides with the best start in franchise history. Talked about.

Giancarlo Stanton
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"Don't miss the game you should win," Stanton said of the Yankees. Said before starting a 10-game road trip in 4 cities to take to Cleveland and Pittsburgh before the 4-game series with the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Stanton broughtToronto a defeatwhen Miguel Castro and Wandy Peralta collapsed on June 19, but that's it.

"I don't know if there's another," Stanton said. "There was definitely a match last year and a few years ago. Sure, we should have won and managed to slip. It's not happening anymore."

Stanton with the pitcher We evaluated the length of the lineup and the improvement of defense.

"That's the key," Stanton said. "If the team gives us one or two extras, we make them jump. And we don't give the team extra outs. That's the difference between the season and the playoffs. The extra outs are very big and important. "

Aaron Boone said of his team," Whatever you need to win the game, and the little things you need to win the game. He showed a desire and willingness to accept. ”

Stanton said it came down to experience as to why this team was good at keeping the winning games. ..

Giancarlo Stanton plays Alex Bregman's two run double off the wall during the Yankees' game against the Astros.

"Because you happened many years ago I will learn, "Stanton said. "The season is over because we made more mistakes than the other teams. You understand that it's happening enough to you, you have to turn pages and run. This year Has become more successful. ”

Partly due to Stanton and the offense, who entered the league's leading 126 home runs on Thursday.

"We made a wise and patient attack. Everyone wears a pitcher, so we make more mistakes," Stanton said. "Not everyone is hitting a home run. We have a professional turn at bat, which makes a guy tired. With a pitcher, there is less room for error. Experience it many times. If you don't, you're more likely to make mistakes, and even if you have them, it's almost impossible not to make mistakes. The more you see them, the more you try to take advantage of them. "

For Thursday, we brought 24 comeback wins and 22-5 records in June.

"We can do a lot to beat you," Stanton said. "And when and when there is no home run ball, it's easier."