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Giants learn hard lesson in punchy practice: 'Losing teams do that'

Giants are no longer punchless. 

There was a brawl at practice on Monday. This included punches exchanged by center John Feliciano and linebacker Cam Brown, while his offensive line and his coach Bobby Johnson shoved Brown, a rare stray from protocol. Empty the bystanders. 

From the moment Saquon Barkley lowered his shoulders and knocked his cornerback Aaron Robinson off his feet during the "thump" tempo, when tackles were prohibited, his temper took hold. It flared up in 4 consecutive plays. Barkley ran Antonio Williams, who was on the receiving end of Robinson's hard swipe at the ball on the next play, and was replaced by linebacker Tek Crowder throwing him to the ground in the third. 

"It's getting a little hot, but that's the energy I'd like to see from [Saqwon] when he cools off in his locker room," Julien of Safety said his love. "When it comes, I know we won't be found sleeping again." 

The gunpowder keg was ignited for the next snap as it rolled him to his knees.Brown dragged Feliciano off the ass pile. Feliciano looked dead with protective Guardian caps on his eyes. 

The New York Giants team got into a fight during training camp
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post
New York Giants linebacker Cam Brown #47, dragging New York Giants guard Jon Feliciano #76, during a fight that broke out between the offense and the defense, during training camp
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Feliciano stood up and threw a punch at Brown, who had already been restrained by Johnson.Brown scrummed. corner and retaliated against Feliciano. Both were wearing helmets, which is the formula for hand injuries. Johnson's involvement gave the impression of some within the facility as unprofessional. 

Feliciano, Brown and Crowder were not released in response to media requests, but Johnson was scheduled to speak Wednesday. I don't think anyone has crossed the line," Love said. "We know John. He's not crossing the line. It gets intense and things happen. We'll respond. We don't take it personally, you protect your men." 

Head coach Bryan Dabor gathered the players for a three-minute lecture, followed by a stand-up. fans have launched "Let's Go Giants!" chant. Daboll was totally blown away by the match. Daboll felt his players had passed out, but Thursday preseason he didn't turn back with games looming. 

"He says, 'The team that loses does,'" rookie tight end Daniel Bellinger said of Dabor's message. be smart `` 

Dabor inherited his team's 22-59 Giants record, his NFL-lowest in the past five seasons. 

"Everything he says is right. To lose your cool is to lose football," said professional defensive 9-year-old Justin Ellis, who tackled him. "There are times when you're hot, tired, don't want to go through the trouble, when you're losing, when things don't go your way. 

Practice continued for another 15 minutes without incident, including another series for the first team. 

New York Giants linebacker Tae Crowder #48 and New York Giants wide receiver Collin Johnson #15, pushing each other during training camp today at the Giants
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

In the second battle over two weeks However, the feud between offensive guard Shane Lemieux and defensive linemen Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams never escalated to punching levels. 

After the fight had calmed down, Barkley patted Robinson and apologized for bringing more power than the rules of practice dictated. 

69} Generally speaking, "being a professional" walks the fine line between demonstrating the ability to break a tackle and understanding that a defending player is handcuffed. Here's how running back Matt Breida described the offensive player. This is where it hurts when an attacking player initiates contact and a counterattacking defender gets caught. 

8/8/22 - New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll swinging his whistle
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Most often aggressive People do it and it's like 'come on',' said linebacker Blake Martinez. We tried to downplay the ugliness by calling it 'people come together' and giving it a 'wild embrace'. Feliciano later shared a photo in the post of his limp body being dragged by Brown, along with four laughing emojis. ``Oh! This is crazy,'' said Ward, ``but I'm going to laugh at it in the locker room.