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Giants rookie WR Wandale Robinson ready for first preseason test

It quickly became clear that the NFL game wasn't all that big for Wandale Robinson

. When he happily donned his Giants number 17 jersey for the preseason opener against the Patriots in New York Thursday night at the stadium at Gillette, he said he wasn't too small for his NFL game. there is no doubt about it.

"It's the moment he's been waiting for all his life," Robinson told The Post.

Mom and Dad too.

"I would be a nervous wreck. Honestly, I might need to record it instead of watching it," said his mother, Victoria Davis.

Robinson is the third draft pick in the Joe Shane-Brian Dabor administration, after Kayvon Thibodeau and Evan Neal, and they are all smart people. , seems to uphold the tough, trustworthy mantra.

It looks as if Robinson could be a quarterback's best friend.Daniel Jones will bolster the Last Gasp Fight for his Giants career, so get as many as you can find.

Wan'Dale Robinson
Robert Sabo

said Robinson. He was always around older people, bigger people. It's always been something that was instilled in me.You'll be one of the smaller ones, but at the end of the day, that didn't mean you couldn't play soccer.

When Robinson looks in the mirror, he does not see 5 feet 8 inches. he sees a giant

"Every time I step in there, I'm the best," he said. "It's no exaggeration. It's the confidence my dad instilled when I started playing when I was five years old, and it's always been the same mindset every time I hit the field ever since."[37]

His father, Dale Robinson, spoke of a game called pitch-up tackle at a park in Frankfort, Kentucky.

"He had a cousin and at this point he was already five to he might have been ten," said Dale. “If you throw the ball, if he gets the ball, you have to tackle him with the ball. I was going to tackle that guy even though I was in 7th grade, and I was going to tackle him as if he didn't care how big he was."

When he played with children, he didn't care about their size.

Victoria said. But he never let that stop him.

Wan'Dale Robinson and Daniel Jones stretch before the Giants' scrimmage last week.
Robert Sabo

Smart, tough, dependable...and fearless.

"As a child, I never felt afraid," said Wandale Robinson. “Before I started playing, I was jumping around on the couch, jumping on things, banging into walls. So I think it’s always been in me. I like to say that my sister is exactly the same now, she's 2.. fear nothing, go and run, do whatever.

He runs a 4.4 40 in a compact 185 lbs.

"Looking back at me in high school, I was a lot of fielder," Robinson said. Told. "It's one of those things where you don't have a problem getting hit and hitting people."[64][65]Victoria was a local youth team in his league, playing for a team called the Bengals and the Jets. I remember him in

"I was running around with him when he started playing for Frankfort," she said.

The Giants enlisted her son to create magic with a ball in his hand, just as the previous administration enlisted Kadarius his Tony a year before her. I was.

"I think they're both very quick in the short area," receivers coach Mike Glow told The Post. "They have a strong lower body. They're really tough on the ball and can make players miss in the short area or open in the short area. And you have enough of those guys.

Wan'Dale Robinson
Corey Shipkin

Robinson said: KT , he moves his body in a certain way, which a lot of people can't do, he just has a way to move his body, he can make people miss and things like that I think he can do those things too, wherever I need to go.”

He started college in Nebraska before playing Kentucky last year. Robinson was more of a running back for the Cornhuskers and a receiver for the Wildcats.

"Dabor his coach and Kaf his coach [Mike his Kafka] asks me to do it, I am willing to do it and I will definitely do it. You can,' he said.

Some so-called draft pundits wondered if the Giants had reached him with his 43rd pick.

"It's their opinion, after all," said Robinson. It's not my job to go into all that and think about what other people think. I know coach Daboll and he trusted coach Schoen, so I just want to make sure they did the right thing and made sure they succeeded.

Don't short Wandale Robinson. even now.