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Giuliani is investigating Trump in a Georgia survey

(CNN)Georgia investigators in 2020 in front of state legislatorsRudolph GiulianiIs being scrutinized for appearance. He forged voters' unfounded allegations of injustice and urged legislators to appoint a new slate of presidential electors.

Special purpose grand jury-This is a violation of the law in an effort by former President Donald Trumpor his allies to reverse 2020. I've been investigating whether or not the election results in Georgia-I've heard testimony from at least four witnesses about Giuliani's activities. Three of those witnesses were members of the Georgia Democratic Party. They testified this week and were in the State Capitol when Giuliani and other Trump lawyers shared a conspiracy-based allegation of fraudulent elections in December 2020.

Fulton County Local Attorney Fani Willis, who is leading the investigation, has sought evidence of potential crimes such as soliciting fraudulent elections, false statements to state and local government agencies, and plots. ..

Giuliani's lawyer, Bob Costello, said the only inquiry from Fulton County was from someone, perhaps a detective, asking if he would accept any service on behalf of Giuliani. rice field. Mr. Costello refused to provide the subpoena, so he said he was not sure if he was an attempt to provide the subpoena.

Giuliani could face legal headaches from pre- and post-election state activities, Costello said, "it's hard to worry without knowing anything about it." rice field.

On December 3, 2020, state senators Jen Jordan and Elena Parent (both confirming to CNN that they testified before the grand jury) were the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee. I was listening to the election. The integrity that Giuliani, then Trump's lawyer, spread the conspiracy theory about what he called irregularity and fraud in the state.

"Clearly, the focus seems to be on this Senate subcommittee meeting, where Giuliani attended and effectively performed a dog and pony show without pushing back," the Democratic Party said. Jordan told CNN in an interview about her grand jury, the jury's testimony.

Jordan, a lawyer and running for Attorney General, said CNN had been asked for nearly two hours. Some of her grand jury testimony focused on Giuliani's unusual appearance at hearings, playing a heavily edited video of electoral workers in Fulton County, ignoring state-wide results and Trump. He urged lawmakers to appoint a slate of supportive voters.

While the video of Giuliani's appearance in front of the legislator was released at the time, investigators were asked about the unusual way the hearings were gathered, the legislator's impression of the shared information, and the legislator's. Pursue an alternative slate for voters who were interested in the proposal.

Jordan said it was clear that Trump's legal team and Republicans had colluded to "not only try to influence public opinion, but to tell the wrong story."

"It was basically aimed at justifying or providing a basis for legislative action to abandon the voter's slate," Jordan added.

In the state where Joe Biden won nearly 12,000 votes, many state and federal authorities have accused Giuliani of fraud. Byung "Bujay" Park, a former federal supreme prosecutor in northern Georgia, was one of those who testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Election Commission investigating the January 6, 2021 riots. did. Fulton County was investigated by federal authorities and found to be untrue.

On December 30, 2020, Giuliani and other Trump operatives returned to the Georgia Capitol Museum and misrepresented the state parliamentarians that there was widespread election irregularity. ..

"There are 10 ways to show that this election was stolen, that the vote was fake, dead, felony, and lots of fake ballots," Giuliani said at the time. ..

"It's very unrealistic to undo and put together all these moving parts that led to an attempt to overturn the outcome of the election and led to the aftermath of January 6th." State congressmanBee Nguyen, who also testified before the grand jury, told CNN when he left the court in Atlanta. "It is very unrealistic that the Georgia Capitol is part of this and these hearings were held in our legislature."
Democratic Nguyen said in November. We will challengeGeorgia Secretary of State Brad Rafence Purgerin a race for the state's highest election position. She testified on Thursday for about two hours, and she said her question focused on what she witnessed in the Georgia Capitol Museum on December 30, 2020.

At the time, Giuliani's testimony seemed ridiculous, but Jordan said. She now believes they have barely avoided the constitutional crisis.

"This isn't serious because everything they say is so ridiculous," Jordan said. "Now, in retrospect, these people weren't playing, so we really dodged the bullets from a democratic point of view."