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Gorilla terrifies and delights zoo guests with his 'smooth' movements

This monkey slide embarrassed the entrance to King Kong with a flick in 1933.

The silverback gorilla scared the sun from those who went to the South Carolina zoo, as seen in the 64 million views of thisbanana TikTok clip.

The video, shot by guest Tina Flick, begins with a gorilla roaming around the enclosure at the Riverbanks Zoo in Colombia.

Then it looks like Donkey Kong. A huge silverback jumps from the back room into the enclosure and slides into the glass, facing the observer who can hear him laughing nervously.

"It scared me," Flick shouted in the background.

The "396-pound beast," allegedly named Cenzoo, moves its giant hairy loot toward the camera, from which it jumps into the gorilla door.

Needless to say, viewers agreed that 26-year-old Cenzoo definitely knew how to make the entrance.

A captive gorilla in South Carolina proved why they're called great apes.
TikTok / @ its_just_me0215
Kerchak slides into frame.
TikTok / @ its_just_me0215

"And that's how to make the entrance," exclaimed an awe-inspiring viewer. "

" He's laughing too, he did this before, "an armchair gorilla expert speculated. Others have labeled this movement as "the smoothest" and compared it to an "electric slide," while others believed it was hitting Michael Jackson's moonwalk.

Someone suggested pairing the clip with the "Tokyo Drift" soundtrack.Flick mandated with 2.4 million views of the video.

Cenzoo has been moved from Birmingham Zoo to Riverbanks. Favorites such as "fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy vegetables, freshly cut tree branches, alfalfa hay".

"Like most adult gorillas, Cenzoo spends a considerable amount of time on breaks, but observes train activity behind primate buildings, uses tools, and breeds. I also enjoy other activities such as attending training sessions with the clerk, "they wrote.

The more sneaky monkey exhibit atin September filmed a cheerful gorilla having oral sex with a partner in front of an astonishing guest at the Bronx Zoo.

Cenzoo presents his posterior to the camera.
TikTok / @ its_just_me0215