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Governor Asa Hutchinson, abortion ban, potential presidential election

Almost complete abortion ban by the Governor of Arkansas

Republican Party government. Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas, House Select Commission  January 6 Investigating US Capitol Attack He continued to express his support for doing so.He told CBS Mornings that what the country witnessed on January 6 was a threat to democracy and put former President Donald Trump on duty. 

"It was a threat to our government, and that's not the action we want to see for a responsible president. The Commission's question on January 6 is one. I think it's important to know the facts. Second, they're trying to claim criminal activity on behalf of the president. I wonder if they made that claim. I don't think they are doing that. "

Testimony is important, but I'm not sure if there is enough evidence for the Justice Department to prosecute Trump, but if he begins reelection in 2024, he's in favor of the former president. It was clear that there wasn't. bid. 

The governor said he is considering a presidential election in 2024, but is focusing on the next midterm election. The Governor of Arkansas has a limited term, so several candidates are running to replace Hutchinson.

"We are completely focused on 2022, but obviously there is talk about 2024. In my judgment, Trump was disqualified from the action on January 6th. I needed to clarify that, "he said. "So we have to move in another direction for our country and for my party. So I want to be a common-sense conservative voice. How is that? Let's see if it resonates, but let's get over 2022.

The US Supreme Court has ruled on the right to abortion, Arkansaw and other states in its groundbreaking 1973. Low vs. Wade case was swiftly banned hours after announcing the bomb decision  Abortion

Arkansaw Trigger The law was signed in 2019 by Hutchinson. There are no exceptions to the law in the case of minors, rape or incest. The only exception is when the life of the mother is at stake. An abortion ban has been enforced. 

"Last year there were about 3,000 abortions in Arkansaw, so under the new law that the Supreme Court has granted, that means a significant reduction in those, and they. Some of the mothers have children for abortion. There will be a need to increase adoption services, "he said." I think others will go out of the state and become a minority. There will be many who carry their children to their term and keep them. We want to make sure we receive abortion services for our mother, both during and during pregnancy. " 

At least two Arkansaw State Senators have stated that they would like to submit the bill. It will prevent women from crossing state boundaries due to abortion. This has been endorsed by anti-abortion groups. But Hutchinson said he would not sign a law prohibiting women from having an abortion  

It is a violation of interstate commerce. Obviously, Arkansaw's public policy is to limit abortion and carry out the will of the people, so we would like to discourage it. Therefore, we recognize that this was taken up by one of the opinions that even the US Supreme Court was not intended to limit interstate commerce, "Hutchinson said. 

He added: The Supreme Court's ruling said each state would make its own decision on this, "Arkansas made that decision."

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