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Governor Ho Chul Ends Pointless Paid COVID 'Emergency' Orders

 New York State Governor Kathy Hochul
Governor Kathy Ho-Chol's order aims to turn lingering hysteria and repeal of state regulations in favor of donors and Shutterstock/Michael Brochstein

Governor Kathy Hochul announced theextended COVID "emergency" However, theactual emergency ended months ago at the latest.

Thus, the main effect of her order is to foster lingering hysteria — and to the benefit of Ho Chul's major donors. to put her terminal condition under control.

The order, which dates back to her Omicron surge in late 2021, suspends competitive bidding on some state contracts and state comptroller review before payments are made.

This prompted medical device executive Charlie Tebere to donate nearly $300,000 to Ho-Chol's campaign, prompting six We got a state-owned enterprise worth a whopping $37 million. 

Meanwhile, the coronavirus has long been an underlying health threat to nearly everyone in New York. Inevitably that's the reason) No more than 20 people a day since March. Since late February, daily infections have fallen below 2,500.

There remains no public health justification for Hochul's "emergency": either she is unwilling to part with the (beneficial) added power,

Corruption or incompetence: neither looks good, government.