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Gov. Kathy Hochul appears to encourage more immigrants to flood New York amid border crisis

Gov. Kathy Hochol suggested on Thursday that the Empire State could use more immigrant labor, but the protection of sanctuary cities would hamperalong the U.S. Asylum seeker buses are flooding into New York City at border.

"I've taken his tour of farms in upstate New York. They're begging workers," Hochol said on Thursday after promoting the state's efforts to boost semiconductor manufacturing. told reporters in Albany.

``I have walked the streets of Manhattan. I have walked the streets of Albany. We can put aside everyone's passion for the economy and say, 'This is actually good for our economy,'" she argued. Greg Abbott blamed immigration-friendly policies in blue states like New York for driving immigrants to his border town. He is now rectifying the situation by sendingimmigrant buses to theDemocrats. - dominant places like New York City.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul
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Influx of migrants — many reported Allegedly seeking political asylum in the United States — as Mayor Eric Adams and officials rush to provide shelter for newcomers as required by law, the citySocial services are straining .

Adams rebelled against Abbott,Texas conservativesagainst Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke.

"Make a day," Abbott replied to Adams,evoked the best impressions of "Dirty Harry".

New York Republicans, such as Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin, urged Democrats in Albany to create subsidized health care for immigrants to slow the flow of immigrants. They even say it's time to re-evaluate programs such as Care, which conservatives accuse of illegally letting people cross the border.

“Stop the transportation of illegal immigrants into our states, allow and encourage greater coordination and cooperation among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and report illegal immigration.Letter from Zeldin and other Republicans on the state legislative delegation to Ho Chol, August 9.

The state is supporting the city's efforts to accommodate immigrants by setting up a welcome center at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown, Ho-Chol said earlier this week.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
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Meanwhile, Ho-chul is pouring gas on the fire, and President Biden and Federal officials overhaul the immigration system to make jobs more accessible in New York for noncitizens, while downplaying the role the Empire State may have in attracting people across the border in the first place.

"I don't know if they're coming to Texas because of what we're doing here in New York," Ho-Chol said Thursday.